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Toshiba Photocopiers

Toshiba Photocopiers

High-performance machines meant to enhance your work environment, Toshiba photocopiers make your job easier. Equipped with plenty of features, these multifunctional copiers allow complete customisation of your documents, giving you the control you need to create consistent and effective copies. Ready for whatever task you toss at them, these photocopiers fit the bill in terms of efficiency and productivity.


Toshibas e-STUDIO line of photocopiers allows you to choose the model thats right for your workplace. For a small office, you may want to opt for a smaller machine with fewer features, such as the e-STUDIO2000AC, which has a digital interface thats user-friendly and prints 20 pages per minute. Select a model thats compatible with mobile printing for a medium-sized office, like the e-STUDIO3005AC, which can print up to 30 ppm for efficient output. For a workhorse packed with features that gets the job done in a larger office, youll enjoy the multiple features of the e-STUDIO3508LP, which includes erasable toner as well as lower carbon emissions.


When it comes to office equipment, quality is non-negotiable. Select Toshiba photocopiers that include the features you need to ensure timely tasks get done right the first time. For the quickest copies on the market, opt for a machine that prints up to 52 ppm. If you need to customise or personalise printouts, youll like using the 9-inch touchscreen in order to choose your perfect paper preferences before you print. Multifunction devices that scan, print, copy and fax are perfect for a big, busy office. If you work around sensitive materials, choose a copier that features security measures to keep important information safe.


Though many people use photocopiers to copy documents and print them, there are a range of uses for these handy devices. Many of these models connect to mobile devices for portable printing, and you can even scan papers and have them emailed to you for added convenience. Create documents of all shapes and sizes, and fax them to clients with ease. Give yourself versatility by picking a copier that prints black and white as well as colour documents, and opt for machines with editing options to create customised images on your documents.


Once you choose the right copier, youll need some extras to get the most out of your machine. Add a hole punch unit to your equipment to quickly bind papers or documents, or equip your photocopier with extras to enhance your experience, such as a paper feed pedestal, wireless antenna or card reader. Keep documents separated according to importance or category by using a job separator to distinguish one job from another.