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Toshiba Windows 10 PC Notebooks/Laptops

Toshiba Windows 10 PC, Notebooks and Laptops

Toshiba first included Windows 10 pre-installed operating systems in 2015. Releases of that years Satellite laptop and notebook series coincided with Microsoft’s initial release of Windows 10. All Toshiba home and business computers, laptops and PC now have Windows 10 operating systems. These include the Satellite series, Ultrabooks, Portégé, Tecra, and dynaEdge models. Toshiba has also offered free online downloads for owners of pre-2015 models with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to install Windows 10 on their devices.

Microsoft Windows 10 Computers

Windows 10 laptops offer user-friendly interfaces so you can easily navigate your way around what you do. Ongoing updates ensure your computer always has the latest security features, antivirus and ransomware protection. Windows 10 applications run on different devices so you can easily switch between using your phone and computer. There is a new internet browser ‘Edge’, and file compression to keep down disk space usage. Toshiba laptops with Windows 10 are also the only brand with one key to access Cortana, a digital assistant feature with Windows 10.

Toshiba Satellite Laptops up to 2016

Toshiba’s Satellite series until 2016 covers affordable entry-level laptops to more powerful models for work, gaming or other media. The Satellite ‘C’ Series (C50 and C70) are great for covering the basics. The Satellite ‘L’ Series (L40, L50, L70) offer versatility and portability for everyday use. The Satellite ‘E’ Series (E40 and E50) give mobile performance with slim designs and touch optimised displays. Satellite ‘S’ Series (S50 and S50) go the next level up in terms of speed and power. Satellite ‘P’ Services provide premium design and performance. Satellite NB15 Series are powerful and compact notebooks. Satellite Click series combines a laptop with a detachable screen that you can use as a tablet.

Toshiba Satellite Pro

The Satellite range currently focuses on the Toshiba Satellite Pro Windows 10 PC. These R50 series laptops have powerful performance features for businesses or home users to replace their desktop PCs with a portable option. Reliability, long lasting batteries, sturdy yet light materials, and spill resistant keyboards make these notebooks trouble free for office desks or on-the-go use.

Toshiba Tecra and Portege Laptops

Toshiba Tecra and Portégé laptop models get the most out of the features in Windows 10. These models offer powerful features for home or work use. Adjustable and convertible configurations allow for flexibility in screen and keyboard use. Toshiba PC Ultrabook laptops are just that, ultra-portable, ultra-tough and durable, ultra slim and light, and ultra-dependable.