What if there was a way for you to train and get in shape using just one high quality exercise machine, without stepping foot into a gym? Well now you can, and it’s with the Total Gym.

Endorsed by martial artist and Hollywood legend Chuck Norris, the Total Gym is a home gym system for complete fitness. Its power lies in using your own body weight to do strength-building exercises. As you are using your own body weight and not hydraulics, the machine works well for anybody at any age and challenges just about anyone.

Which Total Gym is right for you?

The Total Gym is available in four different models: Total Gym 2000, Total Gym XLS, Total Gym Fit and Total Gym Elite. Each model offers a specific level of resistance, max user weight, and the ability to complete anywhere from 40 to 220 exercises. Some models come with Total Gym Workout tools, DVDs, an AbCrunch accessory, a squat stand, LAT bar, and hydraulic rail lift assists.

How the Total Gym works

The Total Gym is so simple to use and does not require any supervision. You simply rest on a board that glides up and down a pair of inclined rails. By pushing or pulling on the handles that are attached to cables that run from the top of the machine, you control your movements. Your sources of resistance are just your body weight and the weight of the board. Featuring 80 exercises with 6 resistance levels that can help you reach your fitness goals in just 20 minutes a day, you can target just about many major muscle group in your body. You get all this included in your Total Gym price – clearly, the benefits outweigh the cost.

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