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Got one to sell?

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Having a striking bedside lamp can help you tie the look of your bedroom together while also providing light that you can control without getting up from your comfortable sleeping spot. The right lamps can help make your overall bedtime routine more comfortable and convenient, especially if your nightly process involves reading before getting some shuteye. eBay’s collection of high quality table lamps features an amazing array of styles, shapes and sizes so you can find something to suit the look and feel of your space as well as your lighting needs.

The benefits of reading before bed

There have been studies done around the world that have highlighted the numerous benefits of reading before bed.

One positive is that it can help reduce the amount of cortisol in your brain. Cortisol is a substance that helps provide energy to your body. Of course, that’s not very helpful when it’s time to get some sleep! High levels of cortisol can come from being stressed out, and reading can help lessen stress.

In addition to stress, reading can help lessen your chances of being affected by other mental issues. Studies have shown that reading books can help with everything from depression and anxiety and to helping you avoid Alzheimer’s later in life.

When you read before bed, you also get yourself away from the potentially harmful light that your TV, phone and other screens emit. Blasting your eyes with such rays can make it harder for you to fall asleep, which in turn can lead to a variety of negative health effects. So keep that in mind next time you go to grab your phone for reading and scrolling before bed!

eBay’s massive stock of bedside touch lamps gives you a chance to choose a piece that fits your wants and needs. Check out the range of styles today and improve your night time routine with a bit of reading before shutting off the light.

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