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Toy Balls

Toy balls are one of the oldest toys you can find. Theyre simple yet effective, and if theres a ball around, chances are two kids will pick it up and start tossing it back and forth. Modern balls are so much more than toys to play catch with, as they come in varied sizes and shapes, are crafted with unusual materials, and include more features than traditional balls do.

Ball Brands

There are balls for every occasion, and well-known toy manufacturers like Disney, Funrise, Little Tikes and Nite Ize create a bevy of balls for a variety of uses. Some balls are geared towards sports, like soccer balls or bocce balls, while others are perfect for a game of catch, such as the Wubble Bubble ball. Some brands aim their toys towards kids of a certain age, such as Little Tikes, which makes age-appropriate balls for babies and toddlers to use. Sports brands, like Franklin, make athletic balls like basketballs.

Toy Types

When you think of balls, you may think of one type of ball, but there are many types from which to choose. Small, soft balls work well inside a ball pit, while small, hard balls can complement a golf set for kids. There are balls meant for pool play that offer water-resistance and croquet balls that have their own design. Choose inflatable balls for easy and portable play or bowling balls to teach kids hand-eye coordination. Dive balls work well as an aid during swim lessons, and a playground ball is meant for multiple games, including kickball and dodgeball, making it one of the most versatile types of balls youll find.

Ball Sizes

Toy balls range in size from small 55 mm ball pit balls to large 65 cm balls meant for exercising, with a variety of sizes in between. To choose the correct size, you need to consider what youre using the balls for and who will be using them. Small children have smaller hands and cant grip a large ball, but big kids will have a blast lobbing an oversized ball back and forth. A huge 1.3 m ball can be fun to take to the beach, while a more standard-sized 13 cm ball works well for most games in the backyard or school gym.

Ball Features

As technology evolves, so do balls, and that means that newer balls have more features. Nite Ize balls have LEDs that make them light up, ensuring that play can continue even after the sun goes down. Balls that float are great for pool play, and kids love bouncing on giant balls that have a handle on top. Balls that inflate can easily deflate for storage and travel purposes. Some balls have Velcro on them, making them compatible with catch pads that have complementary Velcro.