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Toyota Badges

Meant to enhance, personalise and customise your car, Toyota badges (sometimes also called emblems) are decorations that you can place anywhere on your car. These come in many designs and styles and are compatible with all types of vehicles. Whether you're replacing a worn-out emblem or are adding a shiny new one to your car, there are many options when it comes to badges.

Emblem Themes

When purchasing badges for your Toyota, there are numerous ways to customise your car. You can opt for a traditional Toyota logo badge, or choose the model of your vehicle, such as the Land Cruiser. Some emblems feature one word (such as Diesel) or simply offer the logo of your specific car model. Badges come in assorted sizes and designs, and you can select a metallic or matte emblem. Go sporty with Celica Red Dragon badges, or opt for metallic gold ornaments.

Emblem Types

There are several types of badges, including easy-to-apply adhesive stickers, vinyl decals you peel and press onto your vehicle and magnetic emblems that simply cling to your car via a magnet. Some ornaments must be screwed into place, while others simply stick onto your car. Choosing an emblem type also depends on where you'd like to place the badge on your vehicle.

Badge Application

To affix a badge, you don't require many tools; however, you may need a screwdriver in some instances. You'll also want to clean the area where your badge will go before you apply it, so you should have a soft cloth and a damp sponge on hand, and if you're affixing decals or stickers, a squeegee can assist you when it comes to letting out air bubbles and ensuring a smooth sticker application.

Badge Uses and Locations

Choosing a location for your badge or emblem will help you to choose the right type of decoration for your vehicle. There are multiple locations where an emblem can go, including the bonnet, the boot, the rear or the sides of your vehicle. Badges can affix to any surface of your vehicle, and if you're installing a bonnet ornament, you'll want to purchase the right type, which screws onto your bonnet for a secure fit. There are even specific decals for your windows, if you so desire.

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