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Toyota Landcruiser 105 Series

Toyota Landcruiser 105 Series Passenger Vehicle

The Family Vehicle of All Time. Are you a backcountry bandit? Do you love to spend your weekends or holidays going off roading on an adventure with your friends or family? These Diesel Toyota Landcruisers are available with a steel tray in a ute style or without. Either way, they make a perfect adventure vehicle, whether you are going camping on the beach, off the beaten track, out in the bush, or even for a nip down to the shops. These cars are reliable, safe and above all, flexible, to fit in with you and your families lifestyle.

With inclusive Bull Bar to give you the protection in the bush, an Electronic Rust Protection System meaning that even if your vehicle spends a lot of time near the salt water, the likelihood of it become rusted is drastically lessened. The side steps make it easy for the kids to hop in and out of the back, the AM FM and CD player will keep them entertained for the long journeys when you go off road. As will when you take the 4WD really 4WDing and use the snorkel, insuring that the motor doesnt become flooded.

This is a great all rounder vehicle and one that will contribute to making some pretty significantly brilliant family holidays. If this isnt up your alley, why not check out the alternatives of vehicles available on eBay. Even without the snorkel or the CD player like in the Toyota Landcruiser, you can still install a Car Video Monitor , guaranteed to keep them entertained!