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Toyota Light Switches

Every vehicle in Australia needs headlights, and many off-roaders and other auto enthusiasts add additional lights to the front of their vehicle. All those lights need to be controlled, and that's where Toyota light switches come in. While there is a national standard for manufacturer installed lights, the laws are not enforced the same way in all states. Any aftermarket driving lights you install have to follow the laws as they exist in your state.

Replacement Switches

Replacement switches are exactly what they sound like. These are switches designed to replace the ones that came in your Toyota when it left the factory. Switches are moving parts, so eventually they can burn out and require that you replace them one way or another. You might also need to replace switches after an accident. Whatever the reason for needing them, replacement rocker switches are exactly as good as the originals.

Aftermarket Switches

Aftermarket switches are often installed to control additional Toyota car and truck fog and exterior lights, such as driving lights and LED bars. While installing these switches is often simple, the wiring can be less so. Depending on the light it may be necessary to tie them into an existing light switch without disabling the ability of the other light to operate independently.

Driving Lights and LED Bars

The switches that control driving lights and LED light bars can be particularly complicated. For example, in South Australia your driving lights and LED bar can only come on when your main beams are on. They must also turn off whenever you turn off the main beams and require an isolator switch so that you can run the main beams without them. Some states allow the LED bar to come on automatically with the mains; others require a separate switch.

Installing Switches

The easiest way to install a new Toyota light switch is to simply attach it to the wiring harness in place of an existing one. Always disconnect the battery before doing any electrical work on your car. If that is not an option, you can get a wiring harness kit and install that so you have the necessary wiring and safeguards in place for your new lights.

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