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Trail Tech Motorcycle Speedometer

Knowing your speed when riding a motorcycle is vital to ensure safety and adhere to the traffic rules. Most motorcycles come with analogue speedometers and many people decide to opt for aftermarket digital speedometers that include additional features as well. Replacing these units is crucial if the original one is no longer functional because you do need to know the speed of your vehicle. Trail Tech produces many useful motorcycle instruments and gauges that come with nifty features.

Factors to Consider

Upon choosing the Trail Tech speedometer for your bike think about the design. The speedometer should be big enough for you to see the display, while also small enough to fit between the other instruments. Make sure the speedometer is compatible with your bike as well. Choose either a device with basic features or with loads of useful functions.


The Striker digital dash from Trail Tech displays many useful numeric values that indicate in how good shape your motorcycle is. For instance, it shows the battery's voltage, so you know whether your bike would start the next time you turn the ignition key. The Striker dash also delivers you information about your bike's distance, speed, engine temperature as well as clock and ambient temperature. Striker kits are model-specific. They are all compatible with remote switch, which allows you to adjust distance on the move.

Endurance II

The Trail Tech Endurance II is a special speedometer for off-road motorcycles thanks to its great durability. The device includes backlighting and meets the requirements for instruments for use on roads. In addition to the speedometer, it also shows the current time and distance. The Endurance II is suitable for Husqvarna, Gas Gas, Husaberg and KTM motorbikes.


Vapour digital dash shows you more than just the current speed of your bike. It also displays temperature, distance, current time and power. The Vapour kits also work as tachometers. Trail Tech Vapour speedometers are model-specific and many of them could come with even more useful features. These motorcycle speedometers are suitable for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and many other bikes.

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