Thanks to its intuitive design and simple and portable design, the Trangia system has a been a must-have item for hikers and campers all around the globe. The convenient nesting pan and stove allows for multiple people to use it at the same time, and it has managed to stand the test of time thus far. As well as stoves, ovens and kettles, Trangia also manufactures camping cookware and camping cooking utensils.

Trangia Camping Stoves, Ovens and BBQs

Trangia camping stoves are designed primarily for backpackers to use. Thanks to their simple, durable and versatile design, they are very easy to carry in a backpack without adding too much weight. The standard model comes with a base that lifts it off the floor, allowing for airflow and a windscreen to protect the flames from the elements. They work by burning alcohol, usually methylated spirits, instead of kerosene.

Trangia Camping Cookware

Most Trangia camping and hiking equipment sets come with cookware that fits into a simple and easy-to-store package. However, you can buy the cookware separately in addition to the first set or as a replacement for an older one. To cook food properly and keep it from sticking to the surfaces, Trangia cookware is generally made from titanium, anodised ultra-light titanium or ultra-light aluminium.

Trangia Camping Cooking Utensils

Intuitive Trangia camping cooking utensils, such as the Multidisc Stove Colander, are easy to store with your set and let you do more to your cooking without weighing down your pack too much. In addition, replacement Billy grips are available so that you can grip onto your pan whilst cooking, and you can buy stove bags to keep all of your items securely together when in your pack.