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Travel First Aid Kits & Bags

Travel First Aid Kits and Bags

When travelling either for a small quick trip or a long distance vacation, carrying all the essentials is important and being prepared for whatever might happen is key. Investing in a travel first aid kit or bag is a smart idea and having it always accessible when you’re out is a good idea. In these kits you will have a variety of bandages, gauzes and tapes, as well as ointments for itching, burning and rashes. You would also have a few options for painkillers and indigestion or heartburn. The kits also come with applicators such as tongue depressor and q-tips. In addition, there may be gloves, wipes, tweezers and scissors. All kits come with a pamphlet describing each item as well in case you’re new to anything that is contained within the kit.

Kids Medical Kits

Kids medical kits are a great option to purchase once you have a child that is running around, getting into things. These kits are usually geared towards kids, having bright pops of colour with fun graphics or characters displayed on them. Whatever the injury or emergency may be, these kits reassure kids that they have everything they need. The medical kits usually have the traditional supplies regular first aid kits have, but there may also be a fun toy, stickers or other additional item to ease a stressed child. While traditional first aid kits would surely do the job in case of an emergency, these child medical kits help identify that the kit is in fact a helpful aid, allowing children to feel comfortable using it.

Home Medical Kits

Home first aid kits and bags are much like that of your travel first aid and kids medical kits; however, they may be more extensive, as you traditionally keep them at home. These can include more to cover many more emergencies with a larger assortment of medical supplies. Additionally, because these are larger kits, they can have more stock in each item. These first aid kits are more expensive than the smaller ones to account for the amount of supplies packed into them. They also come in either soft cases or hard plastic organizers. These are great kits to have around for anyone of any age.

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