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Travel Guides

When you're visiting a country or region for the first time, you may not know what sights to see, where the best hotels are or what restaurants you should visit, and that's where travel guides come into play. Travel guides are books packed with information about specific countries or regions, and there are specific guides related to certain types of trips, such as motorcycle adventures or travelling by foot.

Travel Guide Brands

There are many well-known brands and creators of travel content, and some names you may recognise include Lonely Planet, Berlitz, DK Eyewitness, Michelin and Insight. Hema offers combination guides and maps, and Rough Guides gets into the trenches with in-depth advice about visiting certain locations and countries. High-quality, reputable brands like Fodor's and Frommer's offer a range of guide-book options, so choose the best brand for your needs based on what each guide offers you and what you'll be doing as you travel.

Travel Guide Features

Travel guides vary in their formats as well as in the types of information that they offer. There are guides with multiple maps and illustrations, books with waterproof paper so they don't get ruined on your adventures and books that specify travel by four-wheel drive, bicycle or motorcycle. Some features to consider include books that include information about rest stops and camping areas for long road trips, guides that give you double-sided maps for portability and easy access and books that let you know where you can find the nearest gas station.

Travel Guide Regions

Whether you're heading to a part of Australia you've never seen or are travelling to far-flung continents and countries like Europe, Africa, Vietnam, New Zealand or the United States, there's a guide book for you. There are guide books that focus on a particular country, or guides that give you an in-depth look at a specific region or area, such as Western Australia or Barcelona. For a general overview, choose a guide that hones in on a country, like Argentina or Peru. Conversely, for a more detailed glimpse at a location, look for a more specific guide book that focuses on an area, like East Africa or even New York City.

Buying a Travel Guide

When you're looking for the right travel guide, you may wish to shop by brand, by region or by the features that each guide offers. If you're travelling by RV, if you're looking for campsites or if you're looking for the best walking trails, there are guides geared for that purpose. You can also shop by the size and format of the guide, such as whether it's oversized or pocket-sized.

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