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Planting a tree serves more than one purpose. Not only do you beautify your environment, but fruit and nut trees provide a steady supply of food throughout the year. These environmentally friendly plants filter the air by removing carbon dioxide so you can breathe easier. Likewise, they also improve the soils condition and soak up the rain. In urban areas, trees help reduce ozone levels. When you plant a tree in your yard, within time it may shade your home or provide a place to cool off in hot weather.

Flowering Trees

A flowering tree such as a hibiscus is a hardy grower that puts out a large showy blossom to beautify your garden space. This tree attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to improve the appearance of your yard space. Additionally, other flowering trees such as dwarf evergreens keep their leaves all year and depending on the species provide splashes of colour from spring to fall. Choose a fast-growing tree such as a dogwood to establish plant life in your yard within a few years.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees such as pear, peach and figs provide fresh fruit which can be made into jams and jellies. Purchase a mix of these trees to regulate the harvest time so that fruit doesnt come in at one time. That way you can extend the growing season and avoid a large supply of the fruit going bad. Furthermore, dwarf fruit trees are good choices when you have a tiny backyard or dont want to deal with towering branches.

Ornamental Trees

When you want to create a focal point in the garden, use an ornamental tree to provide colour and visual interest. A silver birch provides a canopy of shade and has bright green leaves that turn a pretty yellow in the fall. Some ornamental trees such as dwarf camellias are small enough to never outgrow tubs.

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