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Triathlon Wetsuits

Swimming in a triathlon can be an exciting and adventurous experience that competitors are not likely to forget. To increase speed during the swimming portion of the event, it is important to wear a high-quality wetsuit that fits well and contains materials that improve a swimmer's buoyancy. When a swimmer selects a triathlon wetsuit that feels like a second skin, the individual can put extra focus on the competition and feel more comfortable throughout the event.

Wetsuit Cuts

Different cut designs of triathlon wetsuits offer swimming advantages, so a competitor should select a style based on the individual's needs. Sleeveless designs that cover the legs can allow for greater overall motion and may be easier to put on and take off. Full-sleeve triathlon suits, which offer additional coverage, can keep a swimmer warmer and provide the extra buoyancy that can help the person swim faster.

Wetsuit Materials

A triathlon wetsuit featuring buoyant rubber can increase a swimmer's speed by promoting a better float above the water, and the material also helps the person feel more comfortable when competing. Stretchable neoprene is also a common material in designs and provides warmth, which can be welcome when swimming in cold water. A triathlon wetsuit's material thickness can range between 1.5 and 5 millimetres, with thinner designs typically allowing for more flexible movements when swimming.

Proper Fit

An important difference between triathlon and surfing wetsuits is the level of flexibility needed for each. Competing in a triathlon can require even greater free movement than when surfing, and losing one second of time can make a huge difference in the outcome of a swimmer's performance. Wetsuit designs that allow more arm rotation can be particularly beneficial, and a proper-fitting outfit should never cause restriction.

Special Care

When searching for swimming gear, such as scuba diving and snorkelling equipment, keep safety in mind. This same attention to care should also apply to washing and repairing a triathlon wetsuit. You should rinse yours with cool tap water after every swim and allow it to fully dry before storing it. Mending tears with repair adhesives can keep them from growing larger.