Troll Dolls

Troll Dolls

Known for their wild, fluffy shock of hair and pudgy, cute bodies, troll dolls first became popular in the 1960s. Though theyve continued to line toy shelves since then, theyve recently experienced a surge in popularity due to movies like "Trolls" and a fascination with nostalgia that includes vintage toys and collectibles. There are many types of troll dolls, which makes it fun to purchase, collect and gift them.

Troll Doll Types

Browsing for troll dolls may ultimately lead you to find several types of dolls. Though the classic troll doll typically comes sans clothing and small, there are larger dolls wearing clothing of various types. These trolls come with a variety of hairstyles and colours, not to mention costumes and themes. Some collectible dolls to look for include Halloween and Christmas trolls, mermaid trolls, trolls wearing sports uniforms, pirate trolls and nurse trolls. Newer troll dolls have coloured bodies instead of beige ones, and they have different faces than the standard troll face, one with wide eyes and a round nose.

Troll Doll Sizes

Troll dolls range in size from one-inch dolls to baby dolls that measure 14 cm, and many sizes in between. Most older plastic dolls arent larger than 14 cm, but newer, more modern dolls come in a variety of sizes as well as types. The largest vintage dolls available are plush troll dolls that measure 35 cm and have the features and hair of a plastic doll, but theyre made of fabric like a stuffed animal.

Vintage Troll Dolls

Troll dolls from the 1980s and 1990s have the same look, with fluffy hair and round eyes. Most of these trolls were made by brands like Russ and Tyco and feature hard, plastic bodies and distinctive features, with collectible designs ranging in size and look. Some of the most fun vintage trolls to collect are the costumed dolls. Older dolls from the 1960s are rarer and harder to find, making them a fun option for true troll collectors.

Troll Accessories

Troll dolls arent just dolls. In fact, over the years, these dolls have been made into multiple accessories, including troll-doll pencil toppers, necklaces and earrings, cake toppers and snow globes. These range in size and style, and go back as far as the 1960s. Miniature troll dolls are meant to be carried in a purse or pocket for good luck, and there are even separate troll outfits, combs and brushes that you can purchase for your dolls.