• Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) 75 Fresh Seeds Bonsai/Feature

    Giant sequoias take around 20 years to reach maturity and start bearing cones, and the oldest known individuals are over 3,000 years old. Pollination occurs between December and May and cones develop during the spring and summer months.
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  • Small Leafed Fig (Ficus obliqua) - 250 Seeds Bonsai or Feature

    Ficus obliqua, the small-leafed fig occurs naturally in Queensland and northern New South Wales, where it is a large spreading tree to some 25 metres in height and width. This species has elliptical leaves in a glossy mid-green to some 6 cm, small for a fig and giving it its common name.
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  • Red Leaf Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum atropurpureum (50 Bonsai Seeds)

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  • Weeping Fig - Ficus benjamina (100 Bonsai Seeds)

    Weeping Fig - Ficus benjaminia - 100 Seeds. 100 Premium Seeds of Weeping Fig - Ficus benjaminia. Native to areas of northern Australia and South East Asia, the Weeping Fig has gracefully drooping branches and large waxy deep green leaves that has made it a favourite for landscapers and indoor plantscapers.
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  • 10+ RED MAPLE SEEDS (Acer rubrum) Canadian October Glory Autumn Red Deciduous

    10 Red Maple Seeds. (Acer rubrum). RED MAPLES. Place the seeds into a container and pour boiling. Drain the water and put the seeds into a plastic. After 3 months, plant the seeds into small pots. Acer rubrum.
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  • Tree Wisteria - Bolusanthus speciosus (20 Bonsai Seeds)

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  • Japanese Cedar - Cryptomeria japonica (50 Bonsai Seeds)

    It lends itself best to a formal upright style and makes a long-lived and easy growing bonsai. 50 Premium Seeds of Japanese Cedar - Cryptomeria japonica. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cryptomeria japonica. In the garden, it is also a fast grower, and makes an attractive shade tree with a pyramidal form - but it gets quite large, so ensure you'll have enough space.
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  • Queensland Bottle Tree Brachychiton rupestris 30 Seeds Bonsai/Feature

    The Queensland Bottletree or Narrow-leaf Bottle tree, Brachychiton Rupestris, is a semi-deciduous tree growing to 20 metres in the wild. Its dominating feature is the swollen bottle-like trunk. THE AMAZING BOTTLE TREE - A RELATIVE OF THE FLAME TREE.
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  • Japanese Red Maple Acer palmatum atropurpureum 50 Seeds Bonsai or Feature

    Native to China, Korea and Japan, this lovely plant is greatly admired and is grown in temperate gardens and landscapes all over the world. It is perfectly suited as a specimen tree, an accent in a mixed border, or in a container on the patio.
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  • English Yew - Taxus baccata (5 Bonsai Seeds)

    This evergreen is a bonsai favourite that lends itself well to a variety of styles, and is easy to carve and train. Fine foliage, easy back-budding and attractive fruit make it rewarding for bonsai beginners and enthusiasts alike.
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  • Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica (10 Bonsai Seeds)

    Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica - 10 Seeds. 10 Premium Seeds of Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cedrus atlantica. The Atlantic Cedar has a conical shape that becomes more open as the tree ages.
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  • Blue Jacaranda - Jacaranda mimosifolia (150 Bonsai Seeds)

    Blue Jacaranda - Jacaranda mimosifolia - 150 Seeds. Jacaranda mimosifolia is a native to temperate parts of Brazil and Argentina and has been grown across the world for its beautiful coloured flowers and attractive spreading growth habit.
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  • Trident Maple - Acer buergerianum (50 Bonsai Seeds)

    Trident Maple - Acer buergerianum - 50 Seeds. This species is native to Korea, China and Japan and if left to grow on its own will reach 10m or more in height. 50 Premium Seeds of Trident Maple - Acer buergerianum.
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  • Bodhi Tree - Ficus religiosa (100 Bonsai Seeds)

    Ficus Religiosa or the Bodhi tree is a “wise” choice for those who live in the more humid environments of Australia and who want a beautiful and distinctive shade tree for their backyard or an easy to grow bonsai.
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  • Dawn Redwood - Metasequoia glyptostroboides (30 Bonsai Seeds)

    They make excellent avenue trees. Fast growing, with a dense, feathery texture, a stand of dawn redwoods creates an effective summertime visual screen and windbreak in just a few years. Autumn colour is excellent and even the winter silhouette is very attractive with its massive, fluted trunk and strong horizontal branches.
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  • River Red Gum - Eucalyptus camaldulensis (200 Bonsai Seeds)

    Although the River Red Gum is not suitable for most gardens, it makes a fabulous, fast-growing bonsai that presents a well-aged appearance very quickly. 200 Premium Seeds of River Red Gum - Eucalyptus camaldulensis.
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  • Australian Baobab or Boab (Adansonia Gregorii) 12 Fresh Seeds Bonsai or Feature

    The baobab is a well known and easily recognised feature of dry landscape. This tree grows in the wild to 14 metres and develops a huge swollen bottle-like trunk. It is deciduous with palmate leaves with each leaflet growing to 13 cm.
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  • Finetooth Holly - Ilex serrate (30 Bonsai Seeds)

    Finetooth Holly - Ilex serrate - 30 Seeds. 30 Premium Seeds of Finetooth Holly - Ilex serrate. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ilex serrate. A versatile tree that’s great for almost all bonsai styles. A popular bonsai specimen grown in various upright, slanting and cascade styles.
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  • Sticky Wattle - Acacia howittii (25 Bonsai Seeds)

    Sticky Wattle - Acacia howittii - 25 Seeds. 25 Premium Seeds of Sticky Wattle - Acacia howittii. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acacia howittii. This tree is very easy to grow and tolerates neglect well, but it does not like hard frosts, particularly when young.
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  • Chinese Juniper - Juniperus chinensis (25 Bonsai Seeds)

    Chinese Junipers are perhaps the most widely grown bonsai tree species in the world and are easy to train and care for. In Chinese and Japanese folklore, Junipers are symbols of longevity. As bonsai they are rugged and hardy, grow quickly and give the new bonsai grower a great introduction to the care and development of bonsai trees.They're suitable for almost any bonsai style, so get creative and enjoy!
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  • Common Juniper - Juniperus communis (20 Bonsai Seeds)

    Common Juniper - Juniperus communis - 20 Seeds. Juniperus communis is a shrub or small coniferous evergreen tree, very variable and often a low spreading shrub, but occasionally reaching 10 m tall. It has needle-like leaves in whorls of three; the leaves are green, with a single white stomatal band on the inner surface.
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  • Sacred Bamboo - Nandina domestica (40 Bonsai Seeds)

    Sacred Bamboo - Nandina domestica - 40 Seeds. Despite its common name, Nandina domestica is not a bamboo but rather a small upright shrub growing up to 2 meters tall that has bamboo like leaves. This shrub has traditionally been one of the most popular landscaping and hedging plants due to the ever-changing leaf colour and dense foliage.
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  • Mountain Azalea - Rhododendron simsii (200 Bonsai Seeds)

    Mountain Azalea - Rhododendron simsii - 200 Seeds. This large, spreading evergreen Azalea is most impressive when used in mass plantings but makes an attractive specimen planting as well. Plant in mass on 1-2m centres.
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  • Strangler Fig (Ficus watkinsiana) Seeds Feature or Bonsai

    Ficus watkinsiana from the rainforests of north-east Queensland and northern New South Wales.is one of a number of species known as "strangler figs". The seeds of these plants germinate high on the branches of other rainforest trees and send down aerial roots.
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  • Royal Azalea - Rhododendron schlippenbachii (50 Bonsai Seeds)

    50 Premium Seeds of Royal Azalea - Rhododendron schlippenbachii. Azalea trees are traditionally one of the most popular species of bonsai because they are beautiful to look at in full flower and they are relatively easy to train.
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    171 sold

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