Get your hands on storage galore with trunks and chests from eBay

Wrapping yourself in a stack of comfy blankets and pillows during those chilly months can be one of the best ways to spend a winter's afternoon or evening. But when the temperature in the thermometer starts to rise, you're going to need someplace to put all your winter warming materials until the colder months roll around again. eBay has trunks and chests that provide solid storage and a great look for your space.

With hundreds of options to choose from, you can find blanket chests and trunks to match the other furniture in your home. Solid wood chests and trunks go great with beds, drawers, tables and cabinets of a similar design. Or, of course, you can add a totally different look to your space. A worn metal trunk or beaten leather chest can add an urban, vintage flair. With a selection of antique trunks and chests as well as contemporary pieces, the choice is in your hands.

Of course, trunks and chests don't have to serve a decorative purpose, and you can store more than blankets, pillows and other bedding supplies inside of them. The right trunk or chest can be a great spot to keep all those toys your kids get from the grandparents or even the mats, rollers and weights you use for your in-home workouts. Chests can also be a one-step solution to keeping the garage cleaner.

Easy storage that looks great; kill two birds with one stone and buy a new trunk or chest online from eBay.