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Whether you're a fabricator by trade or a weekend hobbiest, a tube bender can be an invaluable piece of metalworking equipment for your workshop. Essentially, a tube bender is a machine that’s used to bend pipes into rounded shapes or at 90 degree angles. At eBay, we have a wide range of new and used tube benders and industrial metal cutting blades and accessories.

There are many different types of tube benders – five in fact. These include the following;

Ram Bending

One of the oldest and simplest pipe bending machines, these use a hydraulically driven ram that forces a tube against rollers.This is the least expensive way to bend tube and is one of the most common processes.


A mandrel is more of an aid to tube bending rather then a bending method. As a piece of tube is bent, the external wall of the tube sometimes thins which tightens the bend radius and increases the chance of a flattened bend. A mandrel is piece of metal-working equipment that you put inside the tube at the point of the bend to offer support.


This system uses high levels of heat to bend tube. The tube is pushed through an induction processor and bent, then water-cooled to keep its shape.

Roll bending

This involves the use of a machine with three rollers, called a jig. It can be used to bend both sheet metal and metal bars and is great for making circular shapes.

Rotary Darw Bending

This is used for applications requiring precise pipe diameters and a high quality finish.The rotary draw method uses two dies for accuracy.

If you’re buying a tube bender for industrial uses, you'll need a large scale heavy duty machine that has a high bending capacity. A machine with hydraulic lines will help to create more pressure for larger jobs. This machine will complement other industrial metal-working equipment to create a complete workshop.

If you need a tube bender for small tasks at home, there are handheld portable benders that may fit your needs perfectly.

Whether your need it for home or work, browse eBay for a tube bender today.

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