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Two Brothers Racing Motorcycle Silencers Mufflers Baffles

When taking a motorcycle for a spin around the racecourse or a cruise on the highway, part of the fun is in listening to the sounds made by the exhausts as they spit out the by-products of the engines. However, the exhausts can be too loud and unpleasant for most people on their own. Two Brothers Racing is a company based in Santa Ana, California that sells top-quality exhaust systems for motorcycles alongside spare parts and other motorcycle accessories. Two Brothers Racing Motorcycle Silencers, Mufflers and Baffles are designed to fit many well-known motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda.

Motorcycle Silencers, Mufflers and Baffles

As different terms are used for the same things in different countries, there may be some confusion as to the different parts related to the noise control of motorcycle exhausts. Mufflers is a term more commonly used in the United States while other parts of the world may call them silencers. Like their namesake, motorcycle silencers or mufflers serve to dampen the noise created by high powered motorcycle engines. They work hand in hand with the baffles inside them to make the sounds of motorcycle exhausts more acceptable to people outside of the motorcycle enthusiasts group.

Slip-On Exhausts

Two Brothers Racing Motorcycle Silencers, Mufflers and Baffles come in the form of slip-on exhaust systems. Slip-on exhausts are also known as muffler-only exhausts and do away with the header and midpipes of a full exhaust system. Within the muffler is where the baffles and other components that modify the sounds of the exhaust are located. Slip-on exhausts are often less expensive than full exhausts systems. They are also easier to install as they only need to be bolted on with no other additional steps.

Sounds and Looks

Motorcycle mufflers and motorcycle baffles are said to give a motorcycle a deeper sound which is often more pleasant than the higher pitched sounds of an unsilenced exhaust. Besides dampening the sounds of the exhausts, some motorcycle enthusiasts install mufflers and baffles to their motorcycles because of the aesthetics of the mufflers. Two Brothers Racing take pride in their handcrafted exhaust systems. Their aluminium motorcycle mufflers and carbon fibre motorcycle mufflers are sleek and powerful looking, making them a perfect match for high performance motorcycles.

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