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UHF CB Antennas

Any radio transmitter is only as good as its antenna. In general, the key is to get an antenna that tunes to the wavelength of the radio. For UHF CB radios, which work on 477 MHz, that wavelength is about 62 centimetres, which means you want either a 62 centimetre full wavelength or a quarter wave antenna that's about 15 centimetres long.

Where Do You Mount Antennas?

There are several factors you have to consider when choosing where to mount your CB whip, as poor placement can greatly lessen your performance:

  • Height: The ideal is as high as you can get it; this makes the centre of your roof a very good place for most UHF radio antennas.
  • Interference: large amounts of metal can also interfere with your signal, so if you mount an antenna on your front bumper you lose signal strength ahead and to the right.

UHF CB in Australia

Australia is one of very few countries to use UHF CB, so many products like GME UHF radios and GME antennas are specific to the Australian market. Most other countries only use 27 MHz CB, which requires much greater antenna lengths.

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