US Paper Money

Coming from Australia, collecting North and Central American paper money can be a fascinating hobby for all ages. Unless you have travelled to the United States of America and held their paper money in your own hands, seeing it with your own eyes can be particularly exciting.

Collector’s Items

When collecting the US, or even Canadian paper money, there are many circulated and uncirculated bills on offer to please the most ardent of collectors. Browse the US paper money to source grades such as fine, extremely fine, uncirculated and gem uncirculated. Resorting to paper money initially is a great way to start your hobby as it doesn’t require a large amount of space to store the notes.

Interesting Hobby

Collecting notes from foreign countries can be an interesting hobby for all ages, especially the US greenbacks, as they are also commonly known. It might be that you are looking to fill up your spare time or you just have a particular interest in history or antiques of a certain nature. Buying US paper money online reduces the need to search the second-hand stores as you can find what you are looking for just by doing a quick search. You can even focus on a particular note such as $1 note and collect serial numbers to make the hunt more enjoyable.


Even in Australia, we are familiar with such famous historical faces as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Collecting US paper money is a fun way to learn more about American history. Parents who are fascinated with the world of US politics, in particular, will be able to show their children the paper money while teachers can hand it to the kids in the classroom as a way of bringing history to life.

Play Money

US play money can also be purchased online and it is a unique way to educate the children or give them something to help their mathematical skills. Kids love to be just like adults and handing them play money, particularly from countries other than Australia, is a great way to help them further their education.