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3.0 USB 4TB External Hard Disk Drives

Backing up your documents, music, photos and movies is critical in case anything should happen to your computer. You never know when your laptop may break down and it would be devastating to lose memories and important files. By using an external hard disk drives, you can ensure that you have a second copy of everything, just in case the unexpected happens. You can also use a portable hard drive when you start to run out of room on your computer or you want to take files with you when you travel, but not the whole laptop. 3.0 USB 4TB external hard drives have a ton of space for everything you want to store. USB 3.0 refers to the transfer rate between your computer and the hard drive. USB 3.0 is super fast and around ten times quicker in transferring files compared to USB 2.0.

Size and Colours

External hard disk drives may be big in capacity but they are actually small in size. You are able to hold most models in your hand comfortably and are generally a rectangle shape. Different brands offer different colours so you can find one that is your favourite colour or fits nicely with the colour of your laptop.

Storage Use

You can use external hard drives to store a variety of electronic files. You can use a portable hard drive to store music, movies, photos or important documents.

Actual Storage Capacity

4TB is a lot of space but the actual usable space on a 4TB external disk drive is actually about 3.6 TB but this number could alter slightly depending on the model. Even so, there is a still a lot of room to hold all of your files. This amount is enough to hold approximately 800,000 photos, one million songs, 80 games or 300 hours of HD video. Of course, you can always have a mixture of all of these. If you do not need all of that space, you can always look at getting a 1TB storage capacity external hard disk drive.


USB 3.0 4TB external hard disk drives are compatible with both PC and Mac and are simply are plug and play device so they are easy to set up and use.

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