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Got one to sell?

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Unbranded Fishing Reels

Whether you prefer fish from saltwater or freshwater, you'll find an inventory of fishing reels to stock up on alongside tackle equipment to catch your favourite fish. You increase the chance of keeping the big fish that got away by using spinning, bait caster and other types of reels to reel in carp, bass or catfish. Make sure to check out the assortment of reel parts and accessories so you can make quick repairs on the spot.

Spinning Reels

As an angler, you'll appreciate the ease of casting and the simple operation this reel affords, whether purchasing branded or unbranded spinning reels. Available as both saltwater and freshwater fishing reels, the rod component should include rust-resistant ball bearings, whether you're fishing in seawater or brackish water with less salinity. Moreover, if you're angling with a heavier line to catch larger fish, such as muskies, the reel should handle the weight of the fish and have adequate line storage when reeling in fish on the run. For convenience, you can purchase the reels to accommodate both left and right-handed anglers.

Bait Caster Reels

Designed for a heavier line, bait caster reels are constructed exactly opposite from a spinning reel. The revolving spool is placed on top of the rod and available in round profiles for catching salmon and pike or a low profile when fishing for bass and crappies. Likewise, you can choose a preferred gear ratio such as 6:4:1 that indicates how fast the spool rotates when turning the reel handle. One-piece aluminium frames hold up to constant use and reels with braking systems keep the line from knotting up in the spool.

Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing reels are available in spool sizes to hold an adequate amount of line and drag systems made from preferred materials such as synthetics, cork and graphite. Many examples have a larger reel rim, providing better palm control along with a bigger arbour to reduce line coils and retrieve fishing line faster.

Reel Parts and Accessories

Essential accessories to keep in your tackle box include extra reel handle knobs, reel lubricant and assorted items, such as drag washers, ball bearings and extra fishing line. The part you forget to bring along on your fishing trip is often just what you'll need to make a repair, so make sure to stock up.

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