Generic Ink Cartridge for Epson Printer

When it comes to selecting ink cartridges for your printer, the two types on offer are generic and genuine ink cartridges. Genuine ink cartridges are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, meaning that they come from the same company that produces your printer. Although independent companies manufacture and supply them, generic cartridges are still an excellent choice for filling or refilling your printer ink. Generic ink cartridges are compatible with the majority of Epson’s printer range. Two of the most popular generic ink cartridge brands for Epson printers are Printrite and Q-Image.

Quality Certification

As Epson does not manufacture generic ink cartridges, the most obvious consumer concern is that they will produce faded or streaky printing results. This is simply not the case; even though generic ink cartridges are not Epson brand, almost every generic ink cartridge manufacturer still meets ISO product certification, ensuring that your high-quality Epson printer matches with first-rate printer ink.

Easy Installation and Disposal

Generic ink cartridges have an emphasis on compatibility and simplicity. Installing the cartridge in your Epson printer is exactly the same method as installing an Epson ink cartridge. Once your generic ink cartridge depletes, it’s easy to remove from your Epson printer. Moreover, as long as your generic ink cartridge has received ISO 14001 (environmental management), you can dispose of your generic ink cartridges in an environmentally friendly manner. Take advantage of the Cartridge Rescue and Planet Ark recycling centres dotted across Australia.

Low Cost

When you purchase a generic ink cartridge for Epson, you’ll be receiving a heavily discounted product. Because of their brand recognition, genuine ink cartridges often come with an oversized price tag. Luckily, generic ink cartridges sell for far lower prices. In fact, compared to genuine printer cartridges, the cost to purchase a generic ink cartridge is often 70 percent less.

Colour Accuracy

Whether you’re printing out pamphlets or artwork, you’re going to need high-quality colour ink for your Epson printer. Luckily, generic ink cartridges don’t skimp on colour ink quality and Epson multi-coloured generic ink cartridges will still deliver excellent colour results.