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Uni-Mig Industrial Welders

Uni-Mig is a Australian brand that produces, among other things, industrial strength welding machines. These welders are fitted into a sleek black metal case with carry handle to easily move it around. Uni-Mig's legal name is Welding Guns of Australia Pty Ltd, and they're a family owned business that's been around since 1985, providing an innovative range of welding products, including MIG, TIG, plasma cutting and spot welding tools and the protective gear to use them safely. Here you'll find Uni-Mig's industrial strength Tig welders. Listings are mostly for the welder itself, but you'll also find plenty of package deals with cables, torches and more.


It's important to understand the difference between TIG and MIG welding when you're shopping for welding gear. MIG welding is generally thought of as easier than TIG welding, and works by feeding a spool of welding wire that fuses the two sides that you're working with. MIG welding can be used for most common metals and easily works on a variety of thicknesses.TIG welding on the other hand uses a long welding rod, and the advantage of this method is that you can turn the power very low without using functionality, which lets you work with much thinner sheets of material. TIG welding can still be used for heavier jobs as well; you'll just need to find a machine that has the output capacity to tackle them. Once you've got your Uni-Mig TIG machine, you'll also need a TIG welding torch.

Protective Gear

Welding is not without its risks. You're applying forces great enough to fuse two pieces of metal together, and sparks, intense light and potentially toxic fumes are just some of the risks to contend with. A good welder will never stint on welding protective gear, and fully suit up even for just a quick job. The UV radiation from the welding spark can burn out your eyes without proper protection, and just one spark can start a fire.

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