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Unicycle Bicycles

Unicycle bicycles aren’t just for circus performers - they’re fun, exciting, and can help you hone some athletic skills. A good notion particularly if you have issues with balance, learning how to ride a unicycle will strengthen and tone your legs, build muscle, and help your balancing skills. Fun for adults and children alike, there are several different types of unicycles to consider before you try one out.

Options for Kids

You’ll find that these unicycles are measured mainly by the size of the unicycle bicycle tyres. If you’re thinking of getting one for a young or older child, look for a tyre/wheel size that’s under 20 inches. There are many types of unicycles available in 12-, 16-, and 19-inch sizes, and these are the best choices for kids. Before taking kids out on a unicycle, they may want to attempt a ride on a kids’ balance bike first to see how adept they are at balancing.

Adult Unicycles

Adult unicycles come in many shapes and sizes. For the seasoned adult who’s already had a ride or two on a unicycle, you can purchase unicycles with tyres up to 36 inches high. As you can imagine, this requires quite the skill and contortion, since those are the similar sizes used by circus performers. Adults just starting out on a unicycle may want to try one suited for kids, or one of the many starter unicycles available.

Starter Bikes/strong>

There are many different types of unicycles, from reinforced steel frame unicycles to beginner and starter models. A beginner or starter unicycle will explicitly say so, but if there’s still some confusion, return to the idea that a smaller tyre size will be easier to ride for a beginner. The common starter uni has a 20-inch tyre, although some other ones have diameters that reach up to 26 inches for beginners.

Niche Unicycles

Once you’re a seasoned pro at riding these types of bicycles, you can try out some of the more interesting and niche unicycles offered. Look for unicycles that have two to three wheels (called a three-wheeler unicycle) or a penny-farthing unicycle, which has a giant wheel and a smaller wheel behind it. For those who are really daring and enjoy mountain bikes, there are also mountain unicycles available for tough terrain.

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