Unisex Rings

Unisex Rings

Demonstrate that having the same sauce for both the goose and the gander is a good idea with unisex rings that transcend traditional gender typecasts. Whether you wish to twin up with a sibling or child of the opposite gender, are celebrating your love with a significant other by building a matching jewellery collection together or simply prefer rings that are neither too masculine nor too feminine, then unisex rings cater to your needs delightfully.

Unisex Ring Style

Inject an air of gothic punk to your outfit with a claw ring on your finger or settle on the traditional band style to give your wedding a classic feel. At that school function or meeting, its easy to feel distinguished with a unisex signet ring on the pinkie of your non-dominant hand.

Unisex Ring Metal

Timeless sterling silver has a lasting appeal, while hypoallergenic stainless steel resists tarnishing with zeal. Deliberate over classic yellow gold or the romantic rose gold for traditional-style rings, while any metal plated with rhodium is certain to be highly resistant to wear and tear. For comfortable wear, lightweight titanium unisex rings that retain their looks over the years are a fine choice.

Striking Finishes

The two most common types of unisex ring finishes are the mirror finish and satin or matt finishes. The mirror-like polish is glossy and gleams alluringly, so it is perfect if you want to draw lots of attention to your ring. For a more subdued look, choose the satin or matt finish that features a brushed texture that diffuses light.

Choosing the Correct Ring Size

A correctly-sized ring fits comfortably whatever the season, and is neither too tight to constrict blood flow nor too loose that it slips off your finger. Measure your finger for a ring size in the morning and at the end of the day to get a good average. In Australia, ring sizes are demarcated in letters, not numerals. For instance, if your finger measures 53.38 millimetres all round, then the correct ring size for you is N.