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Universal Indoor Outdoor Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile phone signal boosters, also called mobile phone repeaters, are devices that boost a mobile network signal by amplifying it. They are useful in areas where the existing mobile phone network is weak. There are typically three parts to a mobile phone signal booster: an external antenna, an amplifier and an indoor antenna. In addition, signal boosters come in models designed for home or office use, as well as those designed for moving vehicles.

Capabilities and Limitations

Indoor and outdoor mobile phone signal boosters can only amplify an existing signal. They will have no effect in areas with no existing network coverage. However, if it is possible to position the external antenna where there is a signal, it is then possible to boost and transmit the signal to an area that has no coverage, such as the interior of a tunnel.

Signal Boosters for Homes or Offices

Mobile phone repeaters for home or office use can vary in capability from those designed to improve the signal in a single room, to those designed to blanket an entire building in a reliable signal. This type of mobile phone repeater typically has one external antenna and a number of internal ones to distribute the boosted signal to every area.

Signal Boosters for Vehicles

Unlike mobile phone signal boosters for buildings, those designed for moving vehicles are made to better handle changing outside mobile signal as the vehicle moves. There are two types of boosters for vehicles. The simplest kind is designed as a cradle to boost the signal of one device. The other type of universal car roof mobile signal booster is similar to those used in buildings, and its mechanism allows multiple mobile phones to benefit. Since these are typically not permanent installations, they are simpler to install than those designed for buildings.

Installation Considerations

Most signal boosters cover the whole range of network signals in use so they can boost the signal from any network. However, it's a good idea to check whether the signal booster is compatible with your mobile phone network band. When installing a home or office mobile signal booster, ensure that the external antenna receives a strong signal as this affects the quality of the boosted signal. Lastly, for the best quality, use high-quality, low loss cables to connect the antennas to the amplifier.

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