Looking for Upper Deck basketball cards?

Upper Deck was founded in 1988 and immediately began producing NBA trading cards. Before long, they were at the top of the pile as far as trading cards were concerned, offering baseball cards, NHL hockey cards plus many more. However, they are still primarily known for their basketball cards which were collected by countless numbers of kids and adults alike through the 1990s.

While other brands have come onto the market now, Upper Deck cards are known to be popular among collectors. Whether you’re new to collecting or you’ve been at it for years, eBay has plenty of Upper Deck basketball cards for you to buy!

Valuable sets to collect

Upper Deck was all the rage back in the 90s, dominating the trading card market like no other. During that time, and even since, they have released many high-end sports card sets that collectors still love to this day. Value will vary depending on the cards, condition of the cards and rarity. Some of the sought-after Upper deck basketball card sets include:

  • NBA Exquisite
  • Michael Jordan Legacy
  • Memorabilia cards
  • Relic cards

The Memorabilia and Relic lines actually include swatches of guernsey worn by players. So, if you’re looking for valuable Michael Jordan cards or something truly unique, these high-end sets are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Collecting cards from the past

If you love NBA trading cards, Upper Deck is a great brand to consider. While the brand stopped making NBA cards in around 2013 after they lost the official NBA licence to Panini in 2009, there is still plenty to collect. The brand still exists today, making Marvel cards, NHL cards and more, however if it’s basketball cards you want, you’ll have to look into the past.

The great thing about shopping on eBay is the vast number of different products you’ll find. You can even buy sealed, unopened packs of trading cards from the 90s, so you can start collecting certain seasons. Alternatively, many people sell cards in bulk, meaning you get a great mix of cards to start your collection. From there, you can track down the individual cards you’re missing