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Lacking in Freezer Space?

Not enough space in the standard fridge freezer? While some refrigerators and freezers offer plenty of space for the weekly food shop, others are sadly lacking. For anyone who cooks in batches and wants to freeze their creations to enjoy on another day, a large freezer is a must. Similarly, anyone with a big family will usually need a big freezer to freeze all those family-sized supplies and leftovers. While there is the option to buy a larger fridge freezer, this can be expensive – and unnecessary, if the old fridge freezer isn’t that old.

Buying an Upright Freezer

Buying an upright freezer could provide a more cost-effective solution. Standalone freezers can come in various shapes and sizes, with most falling into two categories: the chest freezer and the upright freezer. The chest freezer is usually a large freezer with a lid on top, offering heaps of space inside to store everything from batch cooking to endless supplies of ice-cream. This type of freezer is usually cheaper to buy and run, but it can be difficult to access, especially for anyone who is short, or who has a bad back. With minimal compartmentalisation, these freezers can also make finding specific items tricky – and they often need to be manually defrosted.

Alternatively, there is the upright freezer. This type of freezer has a smaller footprint than a chest freezer, and with plenty of compartments and drawers, it can be easy to find exactly what’s needed. As it features a door, similar to a standard fridge freezer, it’s also easier to access. However, an upright freezer can be more expensive to buy and run than its chest-shaped counterpart. When comparing upright freezer options, take a look at all eBay has to offer. Discover quality brands in a range of styles and sizes – and remember to check energy efficiency before buying!

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