Embrace The Convenience With Vacuum Sealers 

Are you tired of food wastage? Vacuum sealers are a great addition to any kitchen, whether at home or as a business, giving food extended life and allowing you to enjoy fresh meals well into the future. eBay has a range of vacuum sealers available for online shopping.

Types of vacuum sealer

You’ll find three main types of vacuum sealer and before you buy, think about what you want the vacuum sealer to do. 

Chamber: These are ideal for sealing large amounts of product and sealing liquids. To use these vacuum sealers, you'll need to first place the bag inside of the chamber, with the lip of the sealing bar on the sealing bar, and then seal and latch it. The bag is sealed shut with a thermal seal to remove any remaining air as a final step. You can seal liquids without freezing them since there is no pressure difference between the bag and the outside environment.

Handheld: Using an integrated valve, handheld vacuum sealers can be attached to specially designed plastic bags or containers. The smaller motors make them more compact, more affordable, and easier to use. However, they won’t produce the same kind of powerful vacuum the other types can.

External: A convenient choice, the external vacuum sealer is more than suitable for storing your food for longer periods of time. It involves filling a bag with food, putting the bag's open end across the seal bar, and then locking it in place. The seal bar heats up and melts the bag shut, removing the air from inside it. It usually comes with a continuous roll of bags that can be cut to the necessary length.

Why shop for vacuum sealers

Vacuum sealing gives you the ability to preserve food quality by removing all air from the bag, limiting bacterial growth and protecting food from freezer burn and dehydration. The biggest benefit is that it allows you to reduce your wastage, which in turn saves you money. You can use it on all types of food, from home-made mince, to soup.

If you want to shop for vacuum sealers with eBay, check out the full range available. You can use the filters to find any specifics, or simply browse to find a style you like. Shop by type or check out the Best Selling range to see what others buyers are recommending.