Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Power up your vending machine with replacement parts on eBay 

Vending machines are no use to anyone if they don’t work. No one wants to see that perfect chocolate bar or ice cold drink dangling in front of their face if they can’t actually buy it. When people want snacks, they mean business, so if you’re in charge of maintaining a vending machine, the pressure is on. Whether you own a commercial fleet of vending machines or just a select few, make sure you’re not to blame for any toddler tantrums by keeping your machines well maintained with parts on eBay.   

Having a vending machine in your shop, café, or other business can generate a great side income. Of course, as with any machine that deals with cash, you’ll want to make sure it’s secure and not at risk from a break-in. If your lock is becoming worn, invest in a new heavy duty lock to upgrade your security and keep your inventory safe.  

When your machine starts short changing customers or spitting bank notes back out, it might be time to replace the note reader. These reliable devices are able to sensor fraudulent bills, whilst also stacking the legitimate ones, keeping them organised and counted accurately.  

For those serving up a fresh cup of coffee, there can be nothing more annoying for a customer than not being able to get their daily fix because your machine is out of cups. Keep them returning by making sure this never happens and order dispenser cups in bulk.  

With a little help from eBay and the convenient selection of parts and accessories, there’ll be nothing but happy faces next to your vending machine. Shop online today.  

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