Victoria Bitter Barware

Victoria Bitter Barware

Brewed since 1854, Victoria Bitter is one of Australia’s most popular beers. Now owned by Foster’s Group, VB accounted for more than 10 per cent of all beer consumed in Australia in 2014. Their green and red logo is instantly recognisable and has appeared on the uniforms of Australia’s cricket and rugby league teams. As well as beer, Victoria Bitter also sells barware with their classic logos and slogans, so you can equip your drink cabinets or home bar.


No home bar is complete without coasters or beermats, unless you want water rings on your table. Victoria Bitter has produced a range of coasters over the years, including regular logo coasters, coasters featuring classic versions of their logo and slogans, as well as a set commemorating the history of their brewery.


Unless you want to drink straight out of the bottle, you’ll need a glass. Many barware glasses and cups feature the brewery’s logo and slogans, and provide the perfect way to enjoy their beer. Beer glasses are available in various sizes, including pint glasses and schooners.

Bar Accessories

Beyond coasters and glasses, Victoria Bitter also offers a range of other equipment for your home bar. Mat runners and drip trays make it easy to keep spills off your bar, and drink trays help you to carry a set of glasses without spilling in the first place.


If you want to leave the comfort of your home bar and go outside, Victoria Bitter has also put its name on some outdoor drinking equipment over the years, including stubby holders, coolers and cooler bags. The brewery has produced coolers in various sizes, from small six-can models to wheeled cases with telescopic handles. If you want to make sure that your “big cold beer” stays cold, this is how you do it.