Viega is a popular brand for those who seek solutions to their plumbing system needs. Headquartered in Attendorn, Germany, this company also offers tubing made from a special blend of industrial plumbing materials, as well as metal and alloy water pipes and fittings designed for use in both commercial and residential sectors.

Viega ProPress Pipe Systems

Viega ProPress is a type of press joining system that installers use to make sure connections are secure. The Viega ProPress features the special Viega Smart Connect technology, which makes it possible to locate unpressed connections for those who are performing installations and repairs. Viega ProPress fittings are made from a variety of materials that include copper, as well as 316 and 304 stainless steel material grades. These types of materials often make good choices for environments that include corrosive or other harmful elements that can eventually degrade and destroy other types of pipe fitting systems.

Viega PureFlow PEX Pipe Systems

Viega PureFlow PEX is a type of pipe fitting system that includes the patented Smart Connect technology, which helps installers locate unpressed connections. These pipe fittings use the special Viega zero-lead bronze, as well as a high-quality polymer material for added strength and durability. Many of these Viega pipe fittings meet the approval for use with systems that provide radiant heat as well as drinking water.

Viega MegaPress Pipe Systems

The Viega MegaPress is another pipe fitting system. The MegaPress is specially designed for carbon steel pipes that deliver gas, water and compressed air. This pipe and hose fitting system is also designed with the patented Smart Connect technology, which helps workers find unpressed connections as well. One of the benefits that installers can take advantage of is the freedom from manual tightening.

Viega ManaBloc Tool

In addition to the pipe fitting systems, Viega also makes accessories to give installers the tools they need to complete jobs effectively. The Viega ManaBloc is a distribution manifold tool that has multiple ports to allow hot water to travel seamlessly to various locations at once. This accessory is able to link multiple water fixtures with a separate PEX tube while all fixtures are controlled from the Viega ManaBloc.