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Viktoria & Woods is a Melbourne-based fashion label that prides itself on being Australian owned, providing clothing options that are Australian-made. The company was established in 2004 by Margie Woods, who is also the founder of the THE LOFFT, a premium Fashion Agency & Showroom, representing an inspiring mix of Australian & International labels.

The Viktoria & Woods brand is particularly known for the signature merino wool, which is where the company started; however over the years, the collection has expanded to include a range of products – from premium denim to footwear, lounge and all-occasion wear.

Margie Woods herself said, in an interview with Business Chicks, that the company was a vision for a product that took a few years to come to fruition. 

The concept centred around timeless and contemporary wardrobe essentials for stylish and busy women. It was a gap in the market and it took off immediately.”


One of the things the Viktoria & Woods brand is passionate about is sustainability. Since the business was founded, the use of sustainable fabrics has been an essential part of the brand. This includes the use of certified organic materials, including the bamboo blends, merino wool and cotton. The company also sources textiles that are planet-friendly, with materials traced to their natural sources.

Shopping For Viktoria & Woods

When it comes to shopping online for Viktoria & Woods clothing, you have a few options available. Search for blazers and jackets, coats, dresses and jumpsuits, knits and jumpers, denim, loungewear, pants, tops and shirts, shorts and skirts. And keep in mind that Viktoria & Woods also has a stunning range of belts, footwear and jewellery, all of which is available online, for a great price. You’re guaranteed to find an accessory to suit your favourite outfit.

You can also shop for products by material. Here are some of the most popular Viktoria & Woods styles:


There are so many reasons to buy cotton clothing, and the stunning designs from Viktoria & Woods brand is just one of them. Cotton provides numerous benefits as well, particularly for those living in Australia’s unpredictable climate. Cotton is great for controlling moisture, which is why many people opt for this material if they work outdoors or simply sweat a lot. Cotton will actually absorb 1/5th of its weight because it feels damp! It is also designed to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter; and it’s hypo-allergenic. Search through eBay and you'll find an array of clothing options in cotton, from basic t-shirts, to tank dresses, workout wear, and little black numbers. There are cotton outfits for the beach, the shops, work or a night out!


When it comes to buying wool, this is actually where Viktoria & Woods began, with premium Australian merino knitwear! The thing about Merino wool, it's naturally soft, breathable, insulated and versatile - which is why it's loved by people around the world. There are so many things to look about wearing wool. It’s a natural fibre from a renewable source! Wool is also highly breathable, allowing air to flow through naturally; it keeps you dry; and it is highly resistant to odours. Merino wool is soft on the skin, not itchy like other fibres; and wool doesn’t catch on fire. With eBay you can find a variety of wool clothing options, including knits, skivvies, culottes, and pants.


The Viktoria & Woods denim collection is designed for style. From the hero skirt to the sleeveless jackets, dark acid wash jeans to vintage styles; if you love denim, you’ll love this range. Denim is one of the most iconic fabrics available – from the flares of the 1970s, to the stonewash of the 1980s, the low-cut mini-skirts of the 1990s, to the skinny jeans of the 2000s. There’s denim for every generation. Not only that, it’s comfortable and easy to match for any occasion!


Why do people love to wear leather? There's something dangerous about leather ... whether it's because it's been historically associated with bikies, or perhaps because the idea of wearing animal skin is barbaric in itself; there's something about wearing leather that makes us feel confident. Leather for clothing is also practical. It's durable, timeless (people have been wearing leather since the days of cave men, and it still looks as good today!); and it's an elegant material. It always looks good, won't peel or crack and flexible. Not to mention, it’s also eco-friendly – no chemicals are used to make it, it doesn’t pollute the air; and doesn’t harm the environment. Viktoria & Woods has a vast range of leather jackets, skirts and pants to browse through.


Although it might sound strange when it comes to talking about clothing, viscose is actually grown on trees! It's made of the wood pulp of trees, such as bamboo, sugar cane, pine and eucalyptus. The process is, that wood pulp is collected; this is then dissolved in a chemical solution to obtain cellulose xanthate; which is in turn dissolved in caustic soda; and so on; eventually going through spinnerets into an acid bath, before finishing and drying. Sounds complicated, right? That's because it is. But the fabric that comes out of this process at the end is worth it. It's soft to touch, warm in winter and cool in summer, lighter than cotton, highly absorbable, non-allergenic, and highly durable. The Viktoria & Woods viscose range of clothing includes pants, flared bell sleeve tops, off the shoulder dresses, tie dresses, blouses and tops, just to name a few. The viscose range will have you feeling confident and fresh, ready to step out into the world, whether you're heading to work, on a date, or a simply lunch with friends.

Viktoria & Woods designs are your usual wardrobe staples, but they have a contemporary feel. You’ll find an outfit to suit every occasion, and an accessory for every outfit. If you want to shop around to find a design to suit, shop on eBay by material type, or do a search for the particular product you’re after. Whatever design you choose, we’re sure you’ll come away smiling! Just remember to always check the description to make sure there are no surprises! Happy shopping.