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Vintage & Antique Brooches/Pins

Brooch Pin Vintage Antique Jewellery

Vintage jewellery has unique characteristics. The traditional pieces can be collectibles or worn as statement jewellery. Rare vintage brooches can be categorized as antiques. Brooch jewellery makes an ideal gift, heirloom or wardrobe item.

What do you look for when shopping for antique jewellery?

Shopping for a piece of antique jewellery can be challenging. Antique brooches are available in a variety of styles. Pay close attention to items that are available in bulk as many authentic vintage pieces are available as single pieces. Here are a few things to consider when buying vintage:

  • Most antique pendants have a maker’s mark
  • The piece should appear worn or have Patina unless it’s been restored
  • Prices are not usually low for antiques

How should you clean your antique brooch pin?

Proper cleaning of antique jewellery helps to preserve the traditional look of the piece. The aged appearance of a antique brooch pin is one characteristic that makes the piece unique. Over polishing can result in damaged pins or brooches. Here are a few tips for proper cleaning:

  • Use mild dish soap, warm water and a soft white cloth for silver
  • Rinse silver in cool water and use a soft cloth to buff in the shine
  • Use 25 per cent water and 75 per cent baking soda to create a paste for tarnish
  • Rinse gold antique brooches in warm water and scrub gently with a soft toothbrush

When should you wear your antique brooch?

Vintage or antique pieces can be worn at the owner’s discretion. Weddings, anniversaries or family celebrations are ideal occasions. A brooch pendant pairs nicely with dressy or casual attire.