Vintage and Antique Toy Play Sets

It can be an adventure and thrill to find vintage and antique toy play sets to purchase. Choosing pre-1980 vintage and antique toy play sets from childhood is a favourite pastime for many people. Finding old toys that bring back a special memory are important. For others, though, these are collectors items that can be quite valuable. For those looking for truly old-fashioned toys, such as vintage and antique cowboy and western toys, there are a few key areas to consider.

Vintage and Antique Dress-Up Toys

Dress-up toys have long been a popular option for children. These items range from clothing pieces to wooden swords and knives. Pretend play is one of the best ways for children to learn and grow, and these play sets help to make that possible. From professionals to toys designed for specific tasks, such as cooking or cleaning, there are numerous options out there today.

Antique and Vintage Building Sets

Building sets allow for imagination and inspiration. These vintage toys have long been made of wood. Wooden blocks and connection pieces were once the only option. In 1958, the introduction to plastic-based building sets hit. These old toys did not always have a specific theme, but manufacturers encouraged kids to create their own cities, buildings and characters.

Vintage House Play Sets

From castles to tea parties, some of the best vintage house play sets allowed children to embrace grown-up activities in a fun and safe environment. Early versions also offered police and fire rescue, farm houses and even boats. House play sets offer everything from plastic foods to antique toy furniture. Pretend play allowed children to be creative here.

Vintage and Antique Cars, Trucks and Military Items

Some of the most sought after antique toys are those related to vehicles. This includes playsets with diecast cars and tracks. It also includes larger push and pull toys. One popular collectors focus is military vehicles and soldiers. Some of the oldest helped children to understand where their fathers and uncles were serving in the military. Some allowed for scenes from wartimes to be memorised. Often toys for boys, they would help instill a sense of pride and honour in their country.