Put yourself in the picture with vintage cameras and photography equipment 

Everything old is new again and that goes for cameras, movie and photography equipment. Get in the frame with the best of vintage design and functionality, and start impressing friends and family with the perfect shot. 

Vintage cameras 

Vintage cameras were made to last, but more than that a vintage camera is seriously cool. Of course you won’t be old enough to remember the folding camera of the early 1900s! Nor perhaps the Box Brownie camera of the 1950s. But you’ll quickly fall in love with their interesting design and quirky appeal. You could even find a rare collectable vintage camera on eBay, or a vintage SLR camera to kickstart your photography hobby! Want to unleash your inner movie director? Buy a vintage super eight handheld movie camera and start working on your Indie film right now. 

Vintage movies and photography equipment 

You've found the perfect vintage camera because eBay has all the iconic brands covered such as Canon, Nikon and the much-revered vintage Kodak camera. You can get the right film and equipment too, whether working with 8mm, Super 8, 16mm or 35mm. Impress the family when you set up your vintage projector screen for a silent-movie night, or entertain them with the old family slides using your vintage slide projector and screen. Don't forget the popcorn! Need a camera case or a manual for your vintage find, or some boxed film and the right camera lens? You can get it all on eBay faster than you can say “cheese”. 

Whether photography and movies are your lifelong passions, or you have a desire to expand your creative horizons, why not explore the world of vintage cameras, movies and photography equipment on eBay today?