• MicroBotics VXL-30 Amiga Accelerator 68EC030 40MHz with VXL-RAM32 8Mb A500 A2000

    Fully populated with: A ST Micro 68000 CPU A Motorola MC68EC030RP40B 40MHz CPU Matching Crystal A Motorola 68881FN25B 25MHz FPU Matching Crystal The VXL-RAM32 daughter board fully populated with 8Mb of RAM I can't test this I'm sorry. It was pulled from my then working machine and then put in storage for quite some time.
    AU $40.00
    10 bids
    AU $13.80 postage
    Ending 27 Mar at 14:58 AEDST5d 21h
  • SD2IEC Commodore 64 & VIC-20 Floppy Drive Emulator Supplied with Cable [F03]

    Take a look at the picture, these plug into the Commodore's User Port and sit neatly at the side of your 64.
    AU $123.00
    Free postage
  • Commodore 64 Disc Drive and Games

    As well as a large amount of games. I'm not sure if the drive is still working or the games. With that being said I remember playing games on this, although that was 20 odd years ago.
    AU $139.50
    12 bids
    AU $20.00 postage
    Ending Today at 19:57 AEDST2h 41m
  • Amiga 1200

    There is also a cable and an adaptor for VGA monitor.
    AU $475.00
    20 bidsEnding Today at 20:41 AEDST3h 24m
  • Commodore 64 128 Final Cartridge III+ Freeze cartridge

    AU $40.00
    Free postage
    4 watching
  • New listingSwitchless JiffyDos replacement rom for Commodore 64 C64C (Shortboard)

    Chip defaults to JiffyDos on startup.
    AU $25.00
    Free postage

    AMIGA 1200 BOXED PLUS SOFTWARE AND EXTRAS. 12KG -53-42-26 CMS. 7KG -60-42-20 CMS.
    AU $300.00
    0 bidsEnding 25 Mar at 10:34 AEDST3d 17hLocal pickup
  • New listingVintage AMD Athlon XP 2600+ computer from early 2000s - works well

    AMD Athlon XP 2600 CPU. A good old custom whitebox (silverbox) tower PC from around the year 2004. The screen shots are just to show the system works and it's specs. Has Windows XP Professional installed and a COA sticker on the side of the case.
    AU $160.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • New listingINTEL A80 486DX2-66 CPU + HEAT SINK. 168 PIN. 1989. IN GOOD CONDITION.

    168 PIN. In good condition. From my collection part of which shown in SECOND photo. CPU part number. Type CPU / Microprocessor. Frequency ?. 66 MHz. Bus speed ?.
    AU $29.00
    AU $7.95 postage
    3 watching
  • Commodore 64 4 player adapter connects to user port - IK+ , MULE

    Connects to the user port of the Commodore 64. Commodore 64 4 player adapter.
    AU $35.00
    Free postage
  • 1992 Vintage 286 computer for MS-DOS + 5.25" floppy drive + 3.5" IBM PC 80286

    The 5.25" and 3.5" floppy discs boot up with a red light and green light. Took the Oak Technology video card out for the photo - put back in now. This old computer will suit a tech collector who knows more about DOS than me.
    AU $150.00
    0 bidsEnding 25 Mar at 21:25 AEDST4d 4hLocal pickup
  • Commodore 64c Computer

    Commodore 64c computer in excellent condition including user manual, Still has original warranty seal intact. Tested and working, C64 boot screen is really clear and crisp and that’s using only an rf cable. ***please note sale is for the C64c computer and user manual only. NO Power supply included***
    AU $71.00
    18 bids
    AU $19.00 postage
    Ending 25 Mar at 18:42 AEDST4d 1h
  • Black Knight Peripherals Top Chip 2MB Chip RAM Expansion for Amiga A500 A2000

    2 MB Chip RAM on board - disables the motherboard Chip RAM Finally break the 512kb/1Mb Chip RAM barrier. Suits A500 or A2000. can be switched by software between 512 kB, 1 and 2 MB if used with Black Knight's No More Switches.
    AU $127.50
    23 bids
    AU $13.80 postage
    Ending 26 Mar at 21:31 AEDST5d 4h
  • Apple 800k external Drive model m0131

    Vintage apple 800k external drive Sold as untested and as is. Happy to combine postage
    AU $20.00
    1 bid
    AU $17.00 postage
    Ending 25 Mar at 15:11 AEDST3d 21h
  • Toshiba tecra 500cdt/1.3

    CPU Pentium 120 HDD 1.3gb Ram 32mb Video 2mb OS win95b will be wiped when sent. MSG me with option. Removable media CD & FDD Not shown is floppy drive ,switch out CD drive with this. Battery could need replacing be aware of this. Power supply builtin. Due to age of item no returns/refunds
    AU $10.50
    2 bids
    AU $16.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 19:52 AEDST3d 2h
  • New listingCommodore 64 Joystick switcher plus PS/2 mouse convertor 1351

    These are great to have connected to your commodore 64. Just press the button and the circuit will switch the joystick ports.
    AU $45.00
    Free postage
    6 watching
  • Commodore 64 Personal Computer ( C64 / C64C )

    Commodore 64 - C64C. As you can see in the photos there is some yellowing to the keys and general signs of use from being a ~30 year old computer. This unit has a “SwinSID Nano” installed which is a replacement sound chip for the original SID chip - it’s less prone to failure and works well as a replacement.
    AU $140.00
    AU $30.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • Commodore 64 and 128 User Manuals Etc.

    Commodore 64 and 128 books. Please note. Boxes are empty!
    AU $0.99
    0 bids
    AU $9.75 postage
    Ending 27 Mar at 16:08 AEDST5d 22h
  • New listingApple Macintosh Classic II (2) with Keyboard and mouse - Working

    AU $80.00
    1 bidEnding 28 Mar at 16:52 AEDST6d 23hLocal pickup
  • Apple Newton MessagePad 120

    AU $30.00
    0 bidsEnding 26 Mar at 15:47 AEDST4d 22hLocal pickup
  • MC68882 Maths Coprocessor chip, 16MHz

    Never used, still in original sealed bag. Board made by Lifetime Memory Products 1991.
    AU $5.00
    0 bids
    AU $8.50 postage
    Ending 25 Mar at 19:57 AEDST4d 2h
  • Apple pc 5.25 drive model a9m0110

    Vintage apple pc 5.25 external drive Sold as untested and as is. Happy to combine postage
    AU $20.00
    0 bids
    AU $17.00 postage
    Ending 25 Mar at 15:13 AEDST3d 21h
  • Vintage Army Field Laptop Computer

    Laptop extremely well protected and designed for transportation and field work. Laptop is running very early version of windows(Windows 97 I think). Password is supplied with laptop. Going by the manufactures label laptop was commissioned in 1999.
    AU $150.00
    0 bidsEnding 25 Mar at 13:31 AEDST3d 20hLocal pickup
  • Amiga etc GBS82000 VGA Adaptor in housing

    During testing, it worked fine during games on an A1200 but in Workbench it had 'snowing' effect. But i also read that there is a bug of sorts in the device which requires modification This came with an Amiga 1200 i bought a couple of years ago, i've not used it but i did test it when it arrived.
    AU $20.00
    1 bidEnding 28 Mar at 20:15 AEDST7d 2h
  • Vintage 80's Sinclair Spectrum 48k Personal Computer

    The only thing wrong with it is that the glue for the metal keyboard plate has degraded and so will need re sticking. Pickup available in Geelong Victoria.
    AU $91.00
    9 bidsEnding Thursday at 20:19 AEDST1d 3hLocal pickup
  • Spirit Technologies IN500 1.5MB Expansion for Commodore Amiga 500

    Get a museum piece or get your old A500 up to modern leading edge 1987 specs. Comes in original box, EZ clip and wire still in good condition. No bent pins. Fully populated to 1.5 MB. Does not have RTC option (was only available on the A1000 model as standard). Shows up as fast RAM. No manuals sorry, they got lost over the past 5 moves.
    AU $9.50
    5 bids
    AU $13.80 postage
    Ending 26 Mar at 18:31 AEDST5d 1h
  • Vintage Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 CoCo Colour Computer 2 Working With Manual

    Tested and working. I WILL GLADLY WORK OUT ANY DIFFERENCES. Good condition as per photos.
    AU $165.00
    or Best Offer
  • Vintage Toshiba T4400sx

    Working Toshiba 4400sx 25mhz 486sx processor 4mb ram. Grey scale/black and white screen 200mb hdd Has windows 3.11 for work groups installed Battery is dead. Comes with ac adapter to power it. Few bumps and scuffs, nothing really bad. Has some old dos games installed on it. Any questions please ask.
    AU $120.00
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Apple 3.5 Floppy Disk Drive model a9m0106

    Vintage apple 3.5 drive Sold as untested and as is. Happy to combine postage
    AU $20.00
    1 bid
    AU $17.00 postage
    Ending 25 Mar at 15:09 AEDST3d 21h
  • ZDIN amber monochrome 12in CRT monitor with RCA socket

    ZDIN amber monochrome 12in CRT monitor with RCA socket Model No. MBM-2018A Serial No. MB-71100663 240V AC 50Hz 30W Made in Korea manufactured November 1987 25 lines, 80 characters per line 5 x 7 dots character block with adjustment tool with original carton 'Local pickup' specified because dimensions are too large for Australia Post parcel post: 35cm x 40cm x 38cm, 8kg. Inquire if you prefer courier delivery.
    AU $20.50
    3 bidsEnding 28 Mar at 11:28 AEDST6d 18hLocal pickup
  • Commodore 128 Personal Home Computer with 1571 Disk Drive & Joystick

    Commodore 128 Personal home computer including 1571 Disk Drive. Pocket Writer Software.
    AU $500.00
    0 bids
    AU $100.00 postage
    Ending Thursday at 2:23 AEDST9h 7m
  • Commodore Amiga Gotek USB Floppy Emulator FlashFloppy HXC - Australian stock

    Gotek USB floppy emulator flashed with FlashFloppy firmware. FlashFloppy is a open source firmware that is actively being developed and can be updated in the future easily by putting a file on a USB key.
    AU $59.95
    AU $6.95 postage
    33 sold
  • 1982 Commodore 64 Rainbow

    1982 C64 Rainbow. Built and bought new in England in 1982. 30 Games (4 Cassettes in a case.).
    AU $450.00
    0 bids
    AU $17.60 postage
    Ending Thursday at 19:55 AEDST1d 2h
  • Apple Macintosh Vintage ADB CH Products Flightstick Pro Joystick original box

    CH Products Flightstick Pro for Macintosh. Great Condition. Original Box. ADB connection to 68K or PowerPC Macintosh. Ideal for classic Mac flight simulators like F/A-18 Korea from Graphic Simulations.
    AU $49.95
    AU $18.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • RARE Vintage Dick Smith Wizzard Creativision Computer Video Game Console

    Console turns on and game comes up on screen when turned on but couldnt play it with the controllers so not sure if a different controller is needed to play the games. Cash on pickup. Money order. Direct Deposit.
    AU $350.00
    12 watching
  • Vintage 80's Sinclair Spectrum 48k Games

    AU $26.74
    6 bidsEnding Thursday at 20:22 AEDST1d 3hLocal pickup
  • Commodore 64 MPS 802 Printer With Paper Cords & Instructions C64 Vintage

    Commodore 64 Printer Model MPS802 Includes manual, cords and instructions Have some paper as well. Dot Matrix at its best! Ribbon may need replacing Turns on fine, but that’s as far as I am testing it. I’d say ribbon may need replacement
    AU $55.55
    0 bids
    AU $25.00 postage
    Ending Today at 17:38 AEDST22m 30s
  • Vintage motherboard with edo ram

    SOYO Motherboard with rams rare & collectable vintage
    AU $36.00
    6 bids
    AU $12.95 postage
    Ending Thursday at 6:46 AEDST13h 29m
  • Vintage 80's Sinclair Spectrum 48k Games

    AU $26.74
    6 bidsEnding Thursday at 20:23 AEDST1d 3hLocal pickup
  • New listingVintage toshiba pentium mmx 32mb windows 98 90s pc notebook laptop computer

    Vintage toshiba 2500cds laptop. Great for vintage gaming. Seems to be working well but only testing done is power on. Has a pentium mmx cpu and 32mb ram Sold as is. Due to age Free postage I also have more vintage pc equipment listed from the 80s and eairly 90s. Occasionally i will also have some 70s items.
    AU $199.99
    Free postage
  • Commodore 64 Badge Label Nameplate Logo C64

    New Commodore 64 Label. These are high quality reproductions. 
They are on stiff plastic with chrome lettering. 0.8mm thick, so they're not just a sticker. Although it's not cheap to get stickers made either!
    AU $12.80
    AU $1.00 postage
    or Best Offer
    9 watching
  • Pentium II P2L97 motherboard with 233MMX CPU and RAM

    For sale is an ASUS P2L97 LX ATX motherboard with Pentium II 233MMX CPU. The motherboard has been tested and working and was taken from a working Win98 PC I needed the case for. Includes RAM.
    AU $99.00
    1 bid
    Free postage
    Ending 25 Mar at 15:20 AEDST3d 22h

    It provided information on their services and were very popular.
    AU $30.00
    2 bids
    AU $10.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 0:37 AEDST2d 7h
  • Toshiba Satellite T2110CS - 1995 Working Vintage Laptop

    Floppy Disc Drive does not read discs (maybe read head dirty, maybe defective). Screen has some burn-in and is in well used condition. No battery. Minor scuff marks on outer case. Keyboard is in good condition.
    AU $280.00
    AU $20.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  •  Apple Macintosh Original iMac G3 PUCK Mouse - RARE! 

    ∆ This came with the original iMac. ∆ Enjoy!
    AU $30.00
    AU $9.60 postage
  • Vintage Apple Mac computer collection Performa LC Plus PowerPC ALL WORK!

    Classic Apple computer collecton. 4 x computers, 2 x keyboards, 2 x mouse 1 extra monitor. #1 Mac Plus complete with original keyboard and mouse tested and working. #2 Macintosh LC 630 tested and working. #3 Performa 5400/160 tested and working. #4 Performa PowerPC 6400/180 tower tested and working. Also an Apple Color Plus 14 inch monitor in perfect working order. Collect from Ballarat or may be able to organise delivery to select Melb suburbs for $50 (please message to organise before bidding). Everything is included to have you using all the computers straight away.
    AU $750.00
    Local pickup
  • Apple IIe Vintage Computer

    Apple IIe Vintage Computer, All in working condition, Also in great Cosmetic condition. All original. Pickup only.
    AU $350.00
    1 bidEnding Saturday at 19:25 AEDST3d 2hLocal pickup
  • RARE Classic Mini Tower AT computer case from the early 1990s 386 486 Pent-1

    Classic Mini Tower AT Case with PSU. These used to be everywhere, now they are almost impossible to find as most have been junked, but the are the perfect thing for an old retro gaming DOS box. NOTE: Case needs a bit of a clean - see pictures.
    AU $50.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
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