• New listingAT PC case with MHz display

    AU $15.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • New listingAmiga A2091 memory expansion and HDD

    Memory expansion and hard disk drive for A2000 and other big box Amigas. I no longer have an A2000 so am unable to retest for this advert. However, it was fine when tested late last year, so I expect it still is. No guarantee is offered for this item.
    AU $75.00
    AU $20.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • Commodore Amiga 600 HD

    Has a 320MB hard drive which is noisy. No mouse. The case has broken clips and does not stay together on the floppy side, and at the rear of the case. I also find that when i screw the floppy drive tightly into place, the drive no longer loads disks so i have held it together with only one screw at the bottom of the case.
    AU $280.00
    or Best Offer
  • New listingCommodore 64 Computer C64 Pack with Disk Drive + Games & Joystick

    AU $5.50
    4 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:21 AEDST4d 16h
  • AU Big Enter Anti Stress Relief Supersized Enter Key Unbreakable USB Pillow Gift

    1pcs Unbreakable Big Enter Key Nap Pillow. about the size: manual measurement, small errors cannot be avoided.
    AU $16.95
    Free postage
    35 sold
  • Amiga 600 1MB Ram Expansion

    Amiga 600 1MB ram Expansion. This expansion gives your Amiga 600 a total of 2mb chip ram. Sorry No Pickups. Because of the nature of old electronics, no refund available for this item.
    AU $65.00
    AU $10.50 postage
  • Acorn BBC 'B' Microcomputer 32K 1982

    Classic vintage and rare with many, many extras
    AU $0.99
    1 bidEnding 25 Oct at 16:48 AEDST7d 14hLocal pickup
  • Commodore 1801 monitor with stand.

    Commodore 1801 Monitor. Right rear audio plug may be loose. White plugpic 5. Needs a downward tap and stays on. with tilt stand. Logo on front still has removable protective clear plastic.Pic 3. Front plastic screen shield is detachable and in good condition.Pic 6.
    AU $59.88
    12 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:30 AEDST4d 16h
  • New listingCommodore 64 NANO SwinSid Replacement sound chip

    Have you got a dead SID chip in your Commodore 64?. Replace it with a SwinSID and get the sound back. Works with Bread bin (6581 Chip) or C64C (8580 Chip). Simply remove the old chip and replace with the SwinSID.
    AU $26.50
    Free postage
  • Fitted Calico Dust Cover for the Apple II IIe //e Euro Plus Locally Hand Made

    They are made of Calico (100% cotton) with no synthetic materials that could react with plastics. They are a snug fit made to the size of the Apple II computer. The cover is made so that the ports can still be plugged in at the rear even with the cover fitted.
    AU $22.95
    eBay Premium Service
    Free postage
    6 watching
  • New listingAmiga 500

    Amiga 500 working with Kickstart 2.04 ROM. These were used for testing purposes only.
    AU $120.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • Commodore 128 Personal Computer w/ Power Supply & Video Cable

    • Commodore 128 Personal Computer - replaced faulty SID chip with genuine Commodore 6581. Diagnosed and tested for several hours with no issues. 100% working condition. 3 computers in 1! - C64, C128 and CP/M.
    AU $499.00
    or Best Offer
    13 watching
  • New listingVintage APPLE IIC Compuer Books and manuals - small pile of books.

    Small pile of books and manuals for the Apple IIC. Hard to find vintage items.
    AU $49.00
    AU $13.80 postage
  • Big Enter Button Computer USB Release Fidget Vent ENTER Key Nap Pillow Toy Gift

    You can even use it as a pillow and take a nap! Specific Character : ENTER Key. - You can smash it into pieces to release yourself without worrying about damaging your keyboard! - 1x Large EBTER key.
    AU $17.99
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Microbee 128k Premium

    Microbee 128k Premium with colour output. (console only) Console only and someone has added the 50 way expansion interface to this console. A few flaky keys on this model as well. No power cables, no disk drives, no operating system disks. (The unslotted cover on this premium bee should be on the no premium model)
    AU $99.00
    0 bids
    AU $35.00 postage
    Ending 23 Oct at 17:01 AEDST5d 14h
  • Commodore 64 computer. Disk drive. Cassette. Joysticks . Box disks. All cords.

    Disk drive. 3rd party with instructions. Works same as commodore drives. Commodore 64 computer bundle. All power, disk and AV cords. Box of 10 varied coloured disks. 5.25". 2 x Speed King Joysticks.
    AU $122.50
    16 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:15 AEDST4d 16h
  • Floppy Disks 5.25"

    Want that real retro feel?. These are the Disks for you.
    AU $20.00
    AU $8.00 postage
  • Commodore 128D Keyboard + GEOS 128

    Commodore 128D Keyboard. GEOS 128.
    AU $37.00
    11 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:05 AEDST4d 16h
  • Commodore 64 Replacement Cases x 2. + Keyboard. C64

    Comm odore 64 Slimeline Replacement Cases x 2. Replacement C64 keyboard.
    AU $91.00
    10 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:10 AEDST4d 16h
  • AMIGA 1200 Motherboard in 1RU metal rack mount case and floppy drive -RARE!

    Comes professionally mounted in a custom manufactured metal 1RU rack mount case with lid. You are buying a working Amiga 1200 motherboard with internal floppy drive to suit. Pick up available from Bayswater Victoria by appointment.
    AU $200.00
    1 bid
    AU $35.00 postage
    Ending 23 Oct at 20:45 AEDST5d 18h
  • Commodore Amiga A520 Modulator

    Used RF Modulator for Amiga
    AU $25.00
    AU $10.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • C64 Robotic Workshop

    Selling my MB230 Robotics workshop with C64 interface and software. I bought this as a collector so never used it hope someone buys it to enjoy it however it's quit collectible Shane.
    AU $64.00
    82 bids
    AU $20.00 postage
    Ending Thursday at 18:30 AEDST1d 15h
  • Commodore SX64 keyboard

    I'm selling my spare SX64 keyboard these rarely come up for sale was hanging onto it as a spare but now selling my SX64 on ebay. Very Tidy :)
    AU $101.00
    8 bids
    AU $15.00 postage
    Ending Today at 10:09 AEDST7h 29m
  • microbee 128k

    Microbee 128k disk model  (Console Only) Some flaky keyswitches are possible that is common for an old computer like this. No disk drives, power cables, operating system disks supplied as it is the console only. (The slotted cover on this microbee belongs to the premium microbee )
    AU $49.00
    0 bids
    AU $35.00 postage
    Ending 23 Oct at 17:04 AEDST5d 14h
  • Vintage Apple Computer with accessories

    Apple Quadra 650 computer built in mid '90's. Computer doesn't have a hard drive but works well when installed. Comes with built in floppy disc drive as well as built in CD drive. Comes with working original keyboard and original External Apple CD player with caddy. Enjoy!
    AU $49.00
    1 bidEnding Thursday at 19:30 AEDST1d 16hLocal pickup
  • Boxed Acorn Electron Computer with Plus One 1 add-on and Games

    Working Acorn Electron computer. Bundle includes Plus One add-on. I'm also selling some cartridge games and several games on tape. Check my other auctions. Happy to combine shipping. The games and tape drive haven't been tested. The Acorn game boxes are crushed but in okay condition otherwise.
    AU $67.00
    5 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 20:15 AEDST4d 17h
  • Amstrad CPC-464 Computer with Monitor

    This is an Amstrad CPC 464 Computer with monochrome monitor. The computer is capable of colour graphics so can also use a colour monitor. Everything is in working condition. Monitor image is rock solid.
    AU $90.00
    1 bidEnding 22 Oct at 20:45 AEDST4d 18h
  • Mr Bean PS/2 / serial mouse from 1998 never used

    Mr Bean PS/2 / serial mouse from 1998 never used, collectors item.
    AU $9.00
    or Best Offer
  • Amiga 1060 Sidecar for Amiga 1000

    I am not sure if it's in a working state as I do not have the disks and manuals for this unit.
    AU $200.00
    0 bidsEnding 23 Oct at 18:01 AEDST5d 15hLocal pickup
  • vintage Apple eMate 300

    Apple’s mid-1990s experiments with the translucent plastic eMate 300 proved to be very important to Apple’s fate. The clamshell case is similar in some ways to the subsequent first-generation iBooks.
    AU $239.30
    7 bids
    AU $17.60 postage
    Ending 22 Oct at 19:30 AEDST4d 16h
  • Apple IIc Peripheral Cable Boxed

    Box authentic Apple IIc peripheral cable in box.
    AU $15.00
    AU $8.00 postage
  • Commodore Amiga 500 + PSU + 1084S-P1 Monitor + Game Bundle (TESTED WORKING)

    For sale here is aCommodore Amiga 500 bundle (Australian PAL version). The computer has been tested and is in working order. I was able to boot some games, but I don't have a mouse and was unable to go past the splash screen on most of them because of this.
    AU $350.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
    24 watching
  • Mono graphics adaptor

    Mono graphics adaptor for IBM PC and clones With original packaging, manual and even the original purchase receipt :) Worked when tested, but no guarantee is offered for the condition of this item - it is too old.
    AU $0.99
    1 bid
    AU $15.00 postage
    Ending 23 Oct at 17:47 AEDST5d 15h
  • Commodore 64 Power Supply .

    AU $31.00
    5 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:35 AEDST4d 16h
  • vintage apple ][c with monitor and printer

    Much of listing description is seen in photo s: Apple works Print shop System utilities System tutorials Printer and cables Mono monitor. As seen tested. But sold as is.
    AU $201.50
    9 bidsEnding Thursday at 9:48 AEDST1d 7hLocal pickup
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II (M3501) w/ ALPS switches, cleaned & working perfectly

    Apart from being a collectors item, the AEK II is also considered by many as the Mercedes or Volvo of keyboards, an indestructible and solid keyboard. It was the last mechanical keyboard manufactured by Apple.
    AU $20.00
    1 bidEnding Saturday at 16:33 AEDST3d 13h
  • Casio PB-700 Pocket Computer #12949

    This is a pocket computer from the 1980’s. First produced in 1983. Item: PB-700 Computer. Conditions of Sale. Auctiva's FREE Counter. If other arrangements are not made, an Unpaid Item Dispute will be filed and the item will be relisted.
    AU $20.50
    4 bidsEnding Thursday at 10:01 AEDST1d 7h
  • Commodore Amiga A520 Modulator plus Mouse.

    Amiga A520 Modulator plus Mouse.
    AU $8.50
    4 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:20 AEDST4d 16h
  • Apple II External 5.25" Disk Drive Unit in Good Condition!

    Apple II External 5.25" Disk Drive Unit. In Good Used Condition! For Apple II Computers.
    AU $29.50
    1 bid
    AU $18.59 postage
    Ending Saturday at 16:08 AEDST3d 13h
  • Apple //c IIc ROM 0 DIY Upgrade from ROM 255 EEPROM Chip

    This upgrade chip is for the original Apple //c (non-memory expansion model) with ROM 255 and provides several improvements the biggest being smartport Disk Drive access including support for the Apple 3.5” 800k ‘UniDisk’ floppy disk drive.
    AU $33.20
    eBay Premium Service
    Was: Previous priceAU $34.95
    Free postage
    8 watching
  • Commodore Amiga games boxes. NO DISKS. Otherwise complete. Good condition.

    Commodore Amiga games boxes. LinkAmiga Games Bundle and blank disks. NO DISKS. You may already have these but are your boxes and contents this good ?. These are complete justmissing the actual game disks.
    AU $5.00
    1 bidEnding 22 Oct at 20:05 AEDST4d 17h
  • Fitted Calico Dust Cover for the Apple //c IIc Plus Locally Hand Made

    For sale is this Calico Dust Cover for the Apple //c or IIc Plus. They are made of Calico (100% cotton) with no synthetic materials that could react with plastics. They are a snug fit made to the size of the //c or IIc Plus.
    AU $21.95
    eBay Premium Service
    Free postage
    4 watching
  • Acorn Electron Games Bundle Acornsoft

    Acornsoft games bundle for the Acorn Electron. Boxes in great condition. Business games and Chess have extra instruction manuals. Games haven't been tested. Check my other auctions for more Acorn Electron games!
    AU $29.00
    1 bidEnding 22 Oct at 20:20 AEDST4d 17h
  • Radio Shack - TRS 80 - Color Computer - Manual Included

    Included is Radio Shack TRS 80 computer.
    AU $150.00
    Free postage
  • Commodore 64 Datasette

    Tested and working Datasette for the Commodore 64.
    AU $25.00
    AU $15.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • C64 CPM Cartridge. Boxed. Complete. Sealed unused cart. Commodore

    Complete with disk and instructions.
    AU $31.00
    17 bidsEnding 22 Oct at 19:25 AEDST4d 16h
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