Vintage Pram

Vintage prams might be just what you need to expand on your doll collection. Collecting vintage dolls naturally expands to collecting doll prams as some of the dolls come in a set which includes the pram as well. Doll prams used to be popular toys in the era before video games, so you will be able to find many different models, in a range of colours, styles and materials.

Styles and Materials

From wooden, wicker doll prams to classic plastic and metal models, there's a lot to choose from on the vintage market. Pay close attention to details when you choose a model with fabric, as those models are most susceptible to mould which spreads easily once introduced. More importantly, pay attention to the doll pram manufacturer and you might discover that you already have a doll to match the pram. Victorian doll prams styles are extremely popular due to the large number of Victorian doll collections. If you find a matching doll and pram, the value of both will certainly increase.

Antique Prams

Antique prams are a lot harder to find, but keep in mind that some of the vintage ones might become antiques soon. Vintage models from as early as the fifties that have been passed on through several generations are some of them are already considered antique.


Since doll prams have been used as toys over the years, the vintage models you'll find will surely have some wear and tear on them. Better kept prams are usually pricier, however, they might be worth more than prams which have undergone a semi-successful restoration. The wear of time might also add to the charm of some models, so judge their condition largely on their appearance. You might be able to track down some spare parts as well, so purchasing and restoring a vintage pram could count as another interesting hobby activity.