Vintage/Retro Tables

Vintage and Retro Tables

Vintage and retro tables can set the tone for the decor of any room. You do not have to recreate a home from the 1950s to own a vintage table. You can just like the style of the table in your space. Vintage usually refers to tables from a certain time period. Retro can mean vintage, or it can mean a modern table that is designed in a vintage style.

Refinishing Vintage and Retro Tables

If a table is truly vintage, it will already have many years of wear and tear. Unless it has been refinished recently, expect it to at least show some scratches and darkening. Refinishing vintage tables is possible and may even benefit your purchase. You could also paint some, or all, of your new table.


There are many different materials to consider when looking for vintage and retro tables. Wood is a classic choice. Wood can be easy to care for and refinish if necessary. Vintage tables can also be found with metal and other materials. Wood laminate became popular during the latter part of the 20th century. Formica was used on tables as well. Be aware when purchasing chrome. Tables that are 60 years old will undoubtedly have rust damage on the chrome that will need to be repaired.

Table Type

Choosing a vintage or retro table to purchase depends entirely on your needs. Mid-century vintage kitchen tables tend to be made of wood with very clean lines. You can also find retro chrome and Formica dinette tables. Vintage coffee tables range from glass tops to 1970s tile to marble tops.

Table Shape

Choosing a shape for your new vintage or retro table is purely a personal preference. Rectangular retro tables are traditional for kitchens and eating spaces. They are also more likely to be used in small rooms since they are less likely to dominate. On the other hand, oval or round retro tables can be friendlier to sit at since no one is relegated to a corner or has to sit farther away from others.