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Violin and String Instrument Parts and Accessories

There are few sounds as beautiful as the rich notes of the violin. Violins are string instruments, and like any other instrument, they require violin and string instrument parts and accessories for perfect playing every time. Enhance your experience and make playing more pleasurable when you have the right string instrument parts and accessories you need to care for, store and play your violin.


The violin wouldn't be the same without violin and string instrument bows. You use the bow to actually play the violin. Choosing a bow is a personal decision because they are all different. Bows range in size as well as material, and the bow you select should match your playing skills as well as your comfort level. The bow should be lightweight and comfortable to hold as you play. Choose bows according to skill level, such as beginner or advanced, and opt for bows from well-known music brands like Kreisler and Artino.


A cool accessory meant to change the sound of your violin, a mute secures to your instrument's bridge. As you play, the rubber part works to dampen or soften the sound of the notes you play, creating a completely different sound. There are certain pieces of music that work well with mutes and some players only use them during practice. Mutes come in different sizes and shapes to achieve different sounds and levels of dampening. Most mutes are rubber, but you can purchase metal mutes, which create a different tone than rubber mutes do.


Every violinist should have a block of rosin on hand. Rosin, which is crafted from tree sap, works to help lubricate the strings of the bow in order to provide a better grip. In effect, the rosin creates an almost sticky feeling to provide more friction from bow to violin string. This improves the overall sound and tone of your violin and reduces squeaks and other unpleasant sounds when you play. Each time you play with a new bow, you'll need to apply rosin fully and let it sink into each bow string. You'll know when it's time to reapply by the sounds your instrument makes. You can use rosin with multiple instruments, including the viola and cello.


Violins are not cheap, so it's important to protect your investment. For travel or practice purposes, load up your violin in a protective case to keep scratches and bumps at bay. There are a few types of cases, including hard and soft designs. Look for a case with interior padding and storage pockets to keep rosin, bows and sheet music. A lightweight case with handles is easy to carry. Cases come in different sizes, so check your instrument's size to ensure a case that fits perfectly for added security. Opt for a black case or a more colourful design.

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