Vision Care

Whether you have to make regular visits to the optometrist or you just want to make reading and other everyday activities easier on your eyes, it pays to check out the array of vision care products listed online.

Range of Vision Care Products Available

Due to the vast range of vision care products sold online, you can tailor your purchases to your specific lifestyle and eye care needs. Some of the items available include: reading glasses, sunglasses and cleaning cloths.

Tips for Wearing Reading Glasses

If you are particularly looking for reading glasses, there are a few factors to consider. There are printable reading test cards (the Diopter Test) that you can find online which allow you to easily determine what level of strength you require. If you happen to fall in between sizes, always choose the size below. Buying multiple pairs can be a good investment, particularly as reading glasses can be easy to lose or break! Full frame lenses are most suitable for long reading stretches, while half frames are better suited to transitioning between reading and focussing on distant objects. Bifocals are a mixture between these two options. They feature reading lenses at the bottom, with clear glass at the top of the glasses.

Low Vision Magnifiers

You may not be aware that there are many low vision magnifiers sold online. Not all books come in large print versions, so a low vision magnifier may come in handy.

Tips for Picking Glasses That Will Suit Your Face

It can sometimes be hard to tell which glasses best suit your face. Those with oval faces are in luck as nearly every style of frames suits the face shape. As a general guide, you should try to choose frames that contrast the shape of your face. So, if you have round features, experiment with angular glasses. If you have angular features, choosing a pair featuring curved shapes can soften the face.