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Vittoria Bicycle Tyres

Searching for bike components and parts that can create smoother rides and help racers gain a competitive edge is important. Vittoria Industries Ltd. got its start in 1953 and has garnered many accolades for its tyre designs on its journey to become the world's top bicycle tyre manufacturer. The company's road and off-road bike tyres are available in a variety of styles, so any bicyclist can easily find high-performance Vittoria bike tyres.

Road and Off-Road Bicycle Tyres

Road bicycles and touring bicycles typically have thinner tyre designs than the wider tyre styles seen on many off-road bicycles, such as mountain bikes. Road tyres, such as Vittoria's Corsa Speed bicycle tyre, are great for fast travel and prove very effective on surfaces that contain little debris. When riding over rough terrain, it is best to install Vittoria off-road tyres on your bike because their treads are effective at handling gravel and mud.

Clincher Bicycle Tyre

Vittoria clincher bicycle tyres are available for road and off-road bikes. These tyres are popular with bicyclists because they are easy to repair and convenient to use. Specifically, the brand's Pista Control road tyre is durable and effective on outdoor and indoor tracks. Moreover, the range includes many tough off-road designs, such as the Terrano Dry tyre, which offers a fast, rolling leading edge and sharp braking capabilities.

Tubular Bicycle Tyre

Racing professionals often prefer tubular bicycle tyres because if a puncture occurs during a race, they are more likely to remain glued to their bicycle rim. With a higher inflation limit and lower rolling resistance than some other tyre styles, they are also unlikely to receive pinch flats. Therefore, using high-performing Vittoria tubular bicycle tyres can help a bicyclist achieve better racing results.

Tubeless Bicycle Tyre

Tubeless bicycle tyres have lightweight designs and may provide increased traction, particularly in corners. This type also offers smoother rides because they can absorb bumps better than some other kinds. Vittoria offers several lightweight tubeless bike tyres, and the Corsa Speed Open TLR model is a great example of a fast design that has extremely low rolling resistance.

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