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Spirits and liquors taste great on their own or when mixed in cocktails, such as beverages with juices and whiskeys. Some people also enjoys spirits added to food recipes. Many individual who take pleasure in alcoholic beverages seek vodka for its versatility, and a variety of different styles of the beverage are available. Vodkas have varying alcohol content, depending on the styles individuals select.

Traditional Bases

Vodka production requires fermenting food that contains starch or sugar and distilling the vodka for varying periods to reach a desirable level of alcohol content. The beverage traces its origins to Eastern Europe, where recipes with potato bases were the norm. Corn or potato bases remain popular in this area of the world, and vodka with bases of sugar beets or fermented grains, including wheat, rye or rice, are also favourites with many vodka distillers around the globe.

Flavoured Vodkas

Some of the most popular vodka styles include fruits or vanilla flavours. Vodkas infused with citrus and berry fruits are standard in many pubs that specialise in making cocktails. People who enjoy sweet vodkas may select brands that feature the tastes of cinnamon rolls, whipped cream or different styles of cakes. People who prefer savoury flavours may enjoy drinking vodkas flavoured with bacon, dill pickles or salmon.

Gluten-Free Vodkas

There are many styles of vodka that people with gluten sensitivities enjoy, and spirits containing potatoes or gluten-free ingredients can be safe to imbibe. Some vodka distillers offer delicious gluten-free options that use tasty peaches, cream corn, coconuts, cucumbers or wild cherries. Individuals who want to avoid vodkas with gluten should stay away from recipes that feature wheat, barley or other grains containing gluten.

Cooking With Vodkas

Cooking with spirits and liqueurs can add flavour to sophisticated or rustic main dishes and desserts. Many top chefs and home cooks enjoy using vodka in reduction sauces, brines or marinades for elevated flavour profiles. Basting meats with vodka can improve a meat's surface by moistening it and imparting a special essence that food lovers appreciate.

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