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Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders have come a long way since the iconic small mini-cassette recorders that were popular in the 1980s. Quality, high-definition sound options give you the ability to record your voice for playback for a multitude of reasons, from recording the minutes during a work meeting to giving yourself gentle reminders to complete tasks and goals on time.

Tech Options

Choose from an array of different tech options as you’re considering different digital voice recorders. Choosing one with noise cancellation is a sound choice, particularly if you’ll be using the device in potentially noisy atmospheres, such as a convention or meeting. Other options allow you to set up voice recorders to sync directly to your PC or via a microSD card.

Business Use

Great for business use,voice recorders let you set reminders for yourself at work, or allow you to record important business functions for playback later. If you’re potentially recording long presentations or meetings, consider a recorder that has a higher capacity, such as an 8 GB voice recorder. This way, you have plenty of room to record longer sessions.

Home Use

Not just for business use, using a voice recorder can help you out at home as well. If you’re a busy mum with a lot of important appointments and functions, use a simple recorder to take notes on the go, without having to worry about texting reminders into your smartphone. One-touch recording and playback options allow you to hear reminders with ease.

Brand Choices

There are many different types of popular brand choices when it comes to selecting a device. Olympus voice recorders are very popular, featuring a wealth of different storage capacities and features, but there are other wonderful brands as well. Choose from manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, and SANYO, amongst others.

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