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Voigtlander Camera Lenses

Get professional, picture-perfect results with a Voigtlander photographic lens in your camera. As critical parts of your camera that control the quality of your photo, camera lenses and filters determine not just the sharpness of your image, but also the extent of contrast and details it will have. Austrian company Voigtlander sets the pace in the production of specialty camera lenses worldwide.

Camera Type

There are different types of cameras available, such as the simple and easy-to-use point-and-shoot camera. Mirrorless cameras feature interchangeable lenses, while photographers with rangefinder cameras can measure the distance to their subjects and take sharply-focused photos.

Type of Lens

Select the type of lens that responds to your photography needs, such as a portrait lens for taking flattering candid shots. A camera with a wide-angle lens takes in an entire landscape or opens up cramped interiors, while a telephoto lens brings that Kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree into clear focus. Get sharper images rich in colour with Voigtlander aspherical camera lenses that correct optical distortions.

Focal Length Type

There are two types of focal lengths: fixed and zoom. The Voigtlander prime camera lens has a single, fixed focal length for greater optimal quality, even in low-light settings. On the other hand, zoom lenses cover a range of focal lengths for greater flexibility so you can experiment to find what works for you.

Caring for Your Voigtlander Camera Lens

Take care of your Voigtlander camera lens investment to get many years of good use out of it. Prevent damage to the lens' anti-glare coating by using only a special lens cleaning kit that includes a lens cleaning tissue and solution. Consider using high-quality filters, as they protect the lens from scratches and cracks, and while also enhancing the quality of your image.