Volkswagen Car & Truck Wheel & Tyre Packages

Volkswagen Wheel and Tyre Packages

Established in 1937, just two years before the beginning of World War II, Volkswagen is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. As one of Germany’s most famous brands of cars, it maintains its stature by consistently producing impeccably engineered cars ideal for any citizen. Pursuant to its legacy of quality engineering, VW car tyres and rims are easily swappable. From the iconic Beetle to hulking juggernaut SUVs like the Tiguan, you will likely find suitable Volkswagen wheel and tyre packages for your favourite VW vehicle.

Hub Caps

Buying hub caps for your stock rims can easily make them more attractive. Easy to install, Volkswagen car and truck hub caps come in a variety of styles that do not leave the buyer wanting. For instance, you may come across a set of 15-inch hubcaps for the Volkswagen Golf in a 12-spoke design that covers the stock rims well and blends in with the entire wheel. You would have to look very closely to see that it is actually a hub cap and not the real face of the rim.

Car and Truck Wheel and Tyre Packages

Oftentimes, wheels and tyres are sold together because it’s just easier; plus, you’re sure that the wheels match the rims. If you have a Scirocco R, a smashing set of glossy black 19-inch rims would look perfect on it, no matter the base colour of the car. The black gives it an unassuming look, but upon closer inspection, they make for aggressive rims that give even a stock car an injection of attitude.

Hubs and Bearings

What would hub caps, rims, and tyre be without the hubs with which to support them? Volkswagen car wheel hubs and bearings are what connects the wheel to the drive axle and to the rest of the suspension. A part of the hub, the bearings allow for smooth rotation of the wheels at low friction and low noise levels.