Have you been searching high and low for a casual/athletic hybrid canvas shoe and nearly given up hope finding a pair you truly like? Are wanting to throw your old pair of shoes out and replace them with a high-quality canvas shoe? Volley’s own canvas shoe might just be the best solution.

Why Purchase Volley canvas Casual Shoes for Men?

Volley was established in 1939 for the sole intent of producing comfortable, high-quality shoes for tennis players. The Volley Canvas shoe was later invented in 1975 and has since seen numerous style developments. The Volley Canvas shoes (otherwise known as International Canvas shoes) feature breathable and well-ventilated canvas material with rubber overlays over the toe box. The shoes also feature a padded tongue and collar, rubber outsoles with herringbone etchings underneath for additional grip, and metal eyelets for more protection against lace friction on the canvas material. The shoes come in a classic white colour but can also be found in black and blue for added variety. What draws people to this shoe is the overall versatility. These can be worn for various sporting activities In fact, the outsoles are stitched to the main body of the shoe in a way that gives them extra strength if you’re looking to hit the badminton or tennis court. If you’re looking to have these as more of a casual piece of footwear, pair them up with a nice pair of jeans or shorts to maximise your look.

The white and black colours especially look great with any colour jeans or shorts, as well as any t-shirt, shirt, jacket, or hoodie. So, if you’re looking to throw your old pair of shoes away in favour of Volley’s Canvas shoe, give eBay’s range a go and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.