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Volvo Car and Truck Wheels

Choosing the right car and truck wheels for your vehicle is more important than you think. Tyres harness the engine's power, enable the brakes to do their job safely and determine how successfully your car will corner. Volvo wheels are carefully designed so that they work in perfect harmony with your tyres to give you optimal grip, road feel and quality, as well as tyre wear.

Finding Quality Wheels

Take the time to find quality car wheels and truck wheels that meet Australian standards for aftermarket parts, known as the Australian Design Rules. This ensures they have been tested for quality and strength, meeting the demands that will be thrown at them every day on the road. Cheap wheels can easily shatter if you hit debris or drive into a pothole, making the car difficult to control, which easily leads to an accident.

Stud Pattern

It's important to know the stud pattern, or pitch circle diameter, for your vehicle before purchasing replacement wheels, which is usually listed in the vehicle owner's manual or is sometimes engraved onto wheels. Volvo car and truck wheels with 5 studs will be denoted by a number 5, followed by the distance between these holes in millimetres. If you purchase a wheel with a different stud pattern, it won't fit your car's wheel hub.

Wheel Offset

The offset of a wheel relates to the distance between its mounting hub and centreline, with it having a positive offset if the mounting hub sits inside the barrel of the wheel, and vice versa. Offset not only changes the look of a wheel, but the way the suspension reacts to wheel movements. You can find calculators online to help you determine what offset your Volvo needs, ensuing your car's suspension and steering response work at their optimal levels.

Wheel Size

You may be thinking about purchasing large Volvo car and truck wheels with alloy rims to give your car a sportier look and improve handling, but it's important not to go too far, as bigger wheels mean a weightier suspension that can lead to a rougher ride. Always check the weight of your factory wheels and look for wheels that have a similar size and weight.

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